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Working at home? Here are 5 ways to tackle cyber threats

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives. One of these is working. Until today, jobs were closely linked with offices, but in the coronavirus age, citizens are urged to #stayhome and work from there in order to stop the spread. In this article, you will find key tips on how to be cyber safe, in the comfort of your home.

Cyber attackers taking advantage of COVID-19 fears

Reports have arose that the live map by the Johns Hopkins University has been cyber attacked by hackers who are selling malware claiming to compromise the map and infect users. It has been stated that cyber crime has been dramatically increased, as BBC also reported the rise of phishing emails after tracking down “campaigns” asking for money and personal data.

6 steps for an efficient cyber-risk management

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is of great importance, as cyber risks are part of any technology-oriented business.  Factors like lax cybersecurity policies and technological solutions that are vulnerable may expose an organization to security dangers.

Phishing emails and COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis is the chance for hackers to attack following the stress of people and their need to find answers and solutions. That is why, it has been reported that email scams linked to coronavirus have increased dramatically.

KR certifies first cybersecurity compliant vessel

Classification Society, Korean Register (KR), completed a comprehensive cyber security survey onboard the chemical/oil tanker Songa Hawk and certified the ship to be fully compliant in all areas. Following the survey, the Marsall-Islands flag vessel becomes the first ship to acquire this type of certification. The company has inked a five-year cybersecurity contract with KR in 2018, covering its fleet of 23 vessels.

What makes a modern ship vulnerable to cyberattacks?

Cyber security is a modern challenge the shipping industry has to deal with, given the increase in cyber-attacks. Yet, the times are even harder now with modern ships, which are equipped with high-tech systems making them a vulnerable target.

Cyber attackers can easily breach wireless LANs

The Korean Register issued its cybersecurity newsletter focusing on cyber security issues which play a major role in the shipping industry, affecting operations and seafarers. KR presents the example of wireless LANs, which are vulnerable to different attack methods than wired LANs.

Seven cybersecurity trends for 2020

TÜV Rheinland, cybersecurity experts, launched a report presenting the 2020 cybersecurity trends following shipping industry’s rapid transformation towards digitalization. Although the cyber challenges may seem overwhelming, it is of great importance for the industry to evolve and face the problems that will follow. 


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