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Under-reporting cyber attacks is a threat to the industry

In its September issue of Phish and Ships, Be Cyber Aware at Sea addresses how vital it is for shipmanagers to report any cyber attack, as a typical phenomenon seems to be the reluctance on reporting cyber threats as they are afraid of damaging their reputation and image.

Silent cyber: Danger for the cyber insurance market

Be Cyber Aware at Sea issued its September Phish and Ships edition discussing silent cyber, its definition and its impact; Thus, Sharif Gardner, Head of Training and Advisory Services, Axis, provides an insight into the dangers behind silent crime in the sector.

US cyber-attack hampers Iran’s capability to target shipping

A secret cyber-attack that took place against Iran during June wiped out a significant database that Iran’s paramilitary arm uses, in order to plan attacks against oil tankers. This attack degraded Tehran’s capability of covertly targeting shipping traffic in the Persian Gulf, at least temporarily, senior American officials told the New York Times.

Cyber criminals target the shipping industry, Norway warns

According to an assessment by Norwegian authorities, its maritime and oil and gas sectors have recently been victims of cyber campaigns specifically targeting companies in the US, Europe and the Middle East. For this reason, Norway advises companies to be prepared for continuous activity in the short to medium term.

Cyber threat comes in all shapes and sizes

In its Phish and Ships August edition, Be Cyber Aware at Sea comments on the fact that companies underestimate cyber threats unless they see the impact of them. Many are those who might oversee a cyber threat when it comes in the form of an unfamiliar threat; Yet, a cyber-attack comes in many different shapes and sizes and are usually just one click away.

Social engineering and how it happens

In its August edition of Phish and Ships, Be Cyber Aware at Sea discusses the dangers of social engineering and the way it manipulates individuals into acquiring personal information that will be used for fraudulent purposes; otherwise known as hacking the human.

Cyber Security challenges for the maritime industry

During the 2019 Hellenic American Maritime Forum, Mr. Chronis Kapalidis, Cyber Expert, HudsonAnalytix, talked about the possible cyber security challenges that shipping is facing. He explained that effectiveness, trustworthiness and safety and security can improve a company’s cyber security.

Bureau Veritas launches two cyber notations

Bureau Veritas launches two new notations for cyber resilience, in light of the rapidly increasing digitalization and the dangers it behind it. The new technology, that is now shaping a new era for the shipping industry, has in the past caused major dysfunctions in shipping companies and vessels’ operations.

Three basic steps for effective cyber security

In Be Cyber Aware at Sea’s July Phish and Ships edition, Wallem Group Chief Executive, Frank Coles, while speaking at Lloyd’s Register Asia Shipowners Forum, addressed the ways operators can fail to update critical processes when adapting to new technologies onboard.

Why underreporting is a major cyber threat in the shipping industry

Be Cyber Aware at Sea published its July edition of Phish and Ships, discussing about the issue of ‘underreporting’ which is a crucial issue in the industry and presents a false sense of security. There’s a gap between the number of cyber-related incidents that occur in the maritime industry and the lower number that are being reported. 


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