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Norsk Hydro cyber-attack a clear indicator of cyber risk

After a cyber attack recently hit Norsk Hydro, the threat of hacking has once again been imminent for maritime companies, warns Nor-Shipping. Namely, Per Martin Tanggaard, Director of Nor-Shipping, stated that this attack is a showcase of the increasing risk that maritime and ocean companies face. Norsk Hydro computer systems were hit by the comparatively new LockerGoga virus at first, before spreading to its network encrypting files.

US Navy’s review concludes to a widespread Chinese hacking

According to a new internal review that was conducted by Navy secretary, Richard Spencer, the US Navy R&D ecosystem is ‘under cyber siege’ by hackers. The results of the review concluded that the Navy’s digital secrets have been so thoroughly plundered by Chinese infiltrators that the service doesn’t even know what or how much it has lost.

Classification Societies keep up with cyber technology

In its latest issue of Phish and Ships, Be Cyber Aware at Sea campaign focuses on how classes embrace cyber technology. The Classes also have been getting an insight into changing in order to better serve the increasingly digital maritime industry, and on expanding their services to take into account the security concerns of cyber technology.

Advanced threat protection against cyber risks

During the 2019 SMART4SEA Conference, Robert Kenworthy, CEO of GTMaritme, discussed the statistics and trends of data that they see across the vessels using their services. Namely, he offered a unique insight into the data and emails that are being transferred and highlighted the various areas that this data can become vulnerable to Cyberattack. Concluding, he offered advice on how these can be mitigated as best practice.

Cyber Incidents Recovery : Myth vs reality

During the 2019 SMART4SEA Conference, Joe Walsh, Collier Walsh LLP, briefed delegates on “Myths and Realities” associated with recovery from a cyber incident, highlighting how perceptions may impact a recovery. A cyber incident could cripple your business. You have to work with your insurance brokers to find where the gaps in your insurance are.

Cyber threat explained

Cyber threat is any event or incident that aims to impact organisational operations, such as mission, functions, image, or reputation, organisational assets, individuals, other organisations, or the Nation through an information system. This is achieved through unauthorised access, destruction, disclosure, modification of information, and/or denial of service.

Software development security important in shipping industry

A software development security is of a big importance for the shipping sector nowadays, as the cyber attacks and threats seem to be increasing and shipping companies are facing challenges on how to deal with cyber activity. Software development security is an activity to grow and operate secure software through a series of security activities that are carried out at each stage of software development by removing security weaknesses.

ABS gives solution to USCG’s call on port cyber security

ABS published its cyber security solution to help with regulated maritime facilities in complying with USCG guidance. The company’s services provide a solution for port and terminal facility operators that are responsible for maintaining USCG regulated Facility Security Plans (FSPs).

Confidential data theft becomes a major threat

David Jacoby, senior security researcher at Kaspersky, reported that data hacking is a major threat and this applies at both an individual and societal level. In light of cyber attacks, some companies have taken novel steps to try to thwart credential stuffing attacks against their users by obtaining the breached data themselves and cross referencing it against their own database.

MHI to become member of Charter of Trust for Cybersecurity

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries signed a letter of intent to enter the Charter of Trust for Cyber-security in Tokyo. The membership will be finalized by the end of September, 2019. As the 17th Charter partner, MHI will become the first Asian company to join the global cyber-security initiative. Initiated by Siemens, the Charter of Trust calls for binding rules and standards to build trust in cyber-security and boost digitalization.


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