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Uruguay allows quarantined crew of Greg Mortimer to disembark

Authorities in Uruguay have authorised the creation of a humanitarian corridor for the disembarkation of the crew of the Bahamas-flagged cruise ship Greg Mortimer, which has spent two months on the high seas with crew infected by COVID-19, ITF informed.

Cruise companies refuse to repatriate crew, claiming high costs

The US CDC is allowing crew members to disembark from cruise ships in US waters and return home if cruise lines submit a signed attestation, complying with requirements “to safely disembark their crew members”. However, reports say cruise company officials refuse to do so, claiming high costs.

Carnival uses its ships to repatriate crew

Eighteen Carnival Cruise Line ships will rendezvous in the Bahamas as the final plans are put in place to sail nine of the ships to repatriate more than 10,000 healthy crew members who remain on board because of restrictions due to COVID-19, limiting air travel.  


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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