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Watch: Cruise ship almost hits dock in Venice

The cruise ship ‘Costa Deliziosa’ hardly avoided collision with the dock while transiting a canal in Venice during inclement weather on Sunday. The incident comes only a month after a similar incident involving a cruise ship in Venice, surging concerns about the safety of large cruise ships in Venice’s canals. 

USCG suspends search for Carnival Victory’s lost crewmember

According to the US Coast Guard’s statement, they suspended their search for the missing crewmember, on July 7, who fell from the Carnival Victory cruise ship. The USCG members searched for 45 hours, about 2,600 square nautical miles, but weren’t able to detect the crewmember.

Cruise ships damage Venice, Italia Nostra reports

After a cruise ship collided with a dock and a tourist boat in Venice on June 2 in the Giudecca Canal, the historic preservation association Italia Nostra stated that large ships should no longer travel along that channel. 
Specifically, Italia Nostra said that the June accident shows that Venice is at serious risk and called for a ban of cruise ships in the city.

The use of data in a marine accident investigation

Following the crash of the giant cruise ship ‘MSC Opera’ at the dock on the Giudecca Canal in Venice earlier this week, Mike Travis, Principal Inspector of the UK MAIB explained how technology can help accident investigators determine what happened.

Cruise ship’s lifeboats stuck during lifting operations

According to local sources, the Costa Mediterranea cruise ship experienced a technical problem while docked at the port of Stavanger, Norway. Specifically, the cruise ship suffered problems during an exercise routine, as two lifeboats were stuck, as the seafarers tried to lift them up.

Carnival cruise ship crew rescues man after falling overboard

Crewmembers of the Carnival Fascination managed to rescue a man that went overboard on May 18. As Carnival informs, the passenger had jumped from Deck 10, with the crew and passengers immediately notifying the bridge team of the incident. Once informed of the incident, the bridge team returned the vessel to the location of the incident. The captain then deployed a rescue boat, with the crew bringing the victim back onboard.

Most onboard quarantined Scientology cruise ship allowed to leave

91% of passengers and crew onboard the cruise ship ‘Freewinds’, owned by the Church of Scientology, that is quarantined off Curacao, are now immune to measles and are free to leave the ship, according to local health officials. 199 of the 216 crew members and 91 of the 102 passengers were vaccinated or were immune, and had sufficient levels of antibodies against measles.

Scientology cruise vessel on quarantine for measles

A Church of Scientology cruise ship quarantined by the Caribbean nation of St. Lucia for measles is due to arrive on Saturday, May 11, back at its home port on the island of Curacao, where it will face similar restrictions. A team of health officers in Curacao plans to visit the vessel once it returns.

Two cruise ships collide in Vancouver’s harbour

A cruise ship that came into Canada Place in Vancouver Harbour on May 4th collided with another cruise ship. As Holland America stated, which owns both ships, they rubbed against each other while docking stern to stern. Despite the collision, no one was injured and passengers left the ship as planned.


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