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Barcelona to limit cruise calls

According to the Guardian, Ada Colau, Barcelona’s mayor, promised to restrict the number of cruise ships calling the city ports. She believes that the limitations will decrease pollution in the city. The mayor continued that the limits proposed are set to reduce pollution in the city, where air quality regularly exceeds World Health Organization limits for nitrogen oxide and PM10 particulates.

Judge threatens to stop Carnival ships from docking in the US

A US Federal judge threatened that she might block Carnival Corporation from docking cruise ships at ports in the US as punishment for a possible probation violation. The cruise company has been on five years probation, from April 2017, as part of a $40m settlement for dumping oil into the ocean illegally from its Princess Cruises ships and subsequently lying about the scheme, according to court filings.

Captain fined €100,000 for breaching European air pollution limits

A Marseille court has eventually imposed a fine of  €100,000 (USD 114,000) to the American Captain of the P&O Cruises-operated ship ‘Azura’ for ‘deliberately’ breaching the European air pollution limits, in a first of its kind ruling, on Monday. However, the court specified that the €80,000 of this sum must be paid by the P&O Cruises’ parent company, Carnival. 

P&O cruise ship discharged food waste in Great Barrier Reef

A P&O cruise ship spilled 27,000 litres of food waste and grey water into the Great Barrier Reef during August, as Greens senator Larissa Waters told a hearing, citing a, yet unpublished, AMSA report on the incident. Waste from the galley tank was  discharged by engineers in the Great Barrier Reef.

Greek government orders Sea Diamond wreck removal

The Minister of the Greek Merchant Shipping, Panagiotis Kouroublis, has ordered the removal of the wreck of the Κ/Ζ Sea Diamond cruise ship, which sank off the Greek island of Santorini ten years ago.

Cruise line receives largest fine for oil pollution

US Department of Justice announced that Princess Cruise Lines was sentenced to pay a $40 million penalty – the largest-ever for crimes involving deliberate vessel pollution – related to illegal dumping overboard of oil contaminated waste and falsification of official logs, in order to conceal the discharges, in Miami, Florida.

AIDA denies NABU’s pollution accusations

German Cruise Line AIDA responded to NABU’s accusations that the company’s fleet of ships is a true polluter. The environmental association said that measurements recently conducted on AIDA Prima ship have showed that its chimney belches out a lot of smoke. AIDA’s sustainability office issued a statement, claiming the charges scientifically void.


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