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CLIA cooperates with Dubrovnik to safeguard cultural heritage

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and the City of Dubrovnik signed a Memorandum of Understanding to preserve and protect the cultural heritage of Dubrovnik through responsible tourism management. The agreement also aims to establish Dubrovnik as a model of sustainable tourism in the Adriatic.

EU report finds animal welfare issues in Port of Raša

After several complaints by NGOs and EU Parliament members, the European Commission conducted an audit during September 2018, regarding the live export industry in the Croatian port of Raša. The report indicates various animal welfare issues for European animals that are being exported to the Middle East and North Africa.

Dubrovnik announces limit on cruise ship arrivals

The Croatian city of Dubrovnik announced the launch of new measures in order to manage overtourism from cruising. Namely, more and more tourist are choosing to cruise in Dubrovnik, causing congestion. As a result, the city decided to limit the cruise ships docking at its piers to two, beginning next year.

EU approves Uljanik’s rescue plan

The European Commission decided that the Croatian plans to grant Uljanik shipyard a State guarantee for a €96 million loan, adhere to the EU State aid rules. The measure will enable the company to meet urgent liquidity needs while preparing a restructuring plan.


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