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HRAS: over 2.000 seafarers are being abandoned annually

Human Rights at Sea recently announced that is collaborating with the Indian Ministry of Shipping and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India to improve human rights outcomes for Indian seafarers around the global.

MUA urges for crew change onboard COVID-19 hit bulker

Amid the coronavirus outbreak onboard the bulker Patricia Oldendorff, Maritime Union of Australia has a novel proposal for solving a crew change dilemma: replace the foreign crew with local Australian seafarers. 

ITF: Crew change crisis is at “breaking point”

Following the crew change matter that has presented, International Transport Workers’ Federation general secretary Stephen Cotton, urged once again the governments to put an end to that crisis.

ITF, IMEC offer $500.000 to support countries for crew change

Following the crew change issue due to COVID-19, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) have jointly offered $500.000 to support countries that adopt best practices for crew change.

ITF repatriates stranded bulker crew

Amid coronavirus outbreak, International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) managed to bring back home the fatigued crewmembers of a South Korean-owned bulk carrier, as seafarers downed their tools after working onboard with expired contracts and approaching almost a year at sea.

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