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Watch: Containership runs into crane

A containership collided with a crane near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam on February 21, causing the collapse of the crane onto the vessel.

Watch: Crane collapses after being hit by container vessel

On Monday 9 December, a huge ship-to-shore container crane collapsed after being hit by the container ship “APL Mexico City”. The collision took place in the port of Antwerp, with the container vessel being unmoored, since its mooring had broken due to squally weather.

Watch: Gantry crane collapses after collision with container ship

A container ship collide with a pier at Terminal Petikemas Semarang in Indonesia on July 14. Namely, ‘Soul of Luck’ hit a gantry crane that was located  at the terminal. Due to the collision, the crane collapsed. After the accident, the area was closed, with relevant authorities starting an investigation to find out the events that led to the collision.

Watch: First ever 3D printed crane hook for offshore vessel

Huisman informed that it delivered the first ever class certified, 3D-printed crane hooks. The 3D-printed hooks were certified following load testing at more than double their safe working load. The hooks are certified for offshore use based on ABS standards. The OOS Serooskerke will be the first ship to have a 3D-printed crane hook installed.

Watch: Oasis of the Seas involved in accident at Grand Bahama shipyard

A large crane collapsed onto one of the world’s largest cruises in a floating dry dock at the Grand Bahama Shipyard on April 1, resulting in injuries to some personnel and damage. The cruise ship ‘Oasis of the Seas’ has suffered an unspecified casualty, a major repair and refit facility for the Caribbean cruise industry.

Watch: Puget Sound to receive four new cranes

Northwest Seaport Alliance’s second set of super-post-Panamax cranes from Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries is arriving. Namely, they are expected to be in Puget Sound by March 5, on board the Zhen Hua 31. When they arrive at Husky Terminal, they will be offloaded on rails to the dock, then commissioned over the next few months to be operational by late spring/early summer.

Watch: Ship to shore crane demolished in rare crane toppling event

A heavily corroded ship to shore crane was destroyed last Sunday October 28 in a rare crane toppling event. The demolition of the 180-foot crane was undertaken by Global Rigging & Transport and organized by SSA International, a stakeholder of the port in San Juan. 

Watch: Installation of world’s largest tub cranes on Sleipnir

The video, published by the Dutch lifting and drilling company Huisman Equipment, depicts the installation of two 10,000-tonne tub mounted cranes on Heerema’s Sleipnir semi-submersible crane vessel, in Singapore. The two cranes are the world’s largest tub cranes with a radius of 48 meters.

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