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TT Club: Ship collisions with quay crane booms remain regular claim

Cranes on the quayside are highly exposed, due to their position on the waterfront, and probably represent in many places the highest unit cost of any operational asset at the facility. TT Club claims analyses continue to flag quay crane issues as giving rise to the highest cost incidents for ports and terminal operators, with collision risks comprising more than 50% of the costs.

Shipowners Club notes rise of deficiencies in lifting appliances

Lifting operations onboard ships can often lead to fatalities. During its Condition Survey Programme, the Shipowners Club noted an increased number of deficiencies related to the standard of lifting equipment onboard, particularly in relation to inadequate testing methods and lack of certification.

Lessons learned from cranes and lifting incidents

In its Safety Flashes for April, IMCA emphasized on safety issues for crews involving cranes and lifting devices, in line with an announcement issued by the US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement earlier this year, relating to four successive relevant incidents in late 2017.

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