Ex-DSME CEO sentenced to nine years in prison

The South Korean Supreme Court sentenced the former CEO of DSME to nine years in prison, Sunday, on charges of fraud totaling USD4.69 billion. Mr. Ko Jae-ho orchestrated the shipbuilder’s financial statements and plans for the fiscal year from 2013 and 2014, to cover up mounting deficits.

Fisherman sentenced for running vessel aground off Plymouth

A fisherman with over 40 years experience has been sentenced to four months in prison, suspended for two years after pleading guilty to offences under the UK Merchant Shipping Act, for running aground his fishing vessel at Mountbatten Breakwater. District Judge said that alcohol affect the fisherman’s actions.

Captain's credentials suspended for negligence

The complaint stated the respondent was negligent while serving as master of the ‘Portland Spirit’ in that he failed to take positive action to avoid a collision with two recreational rowers. The master of the vessel filed an uncontested answer to the court, admitting his actions of negligence in the matter.

Officer sentenced over fatal ferry crash off Rosyth

Second officer admitted responsibility in accident and death aboard fishing vessel. The court sentenced the man to 12 months in prison, reduced to eight months for causing fatal ferry crash off Rosyth, Scotland in August 2010.

Death Ship captain faces inquest

SAGE Sagittarius former captain faces coronial inquest into the death of men died in Australian waters while he was master. The New South Wales Coroner Court launched an investigation into suspicious two of three deaths from 2012 on board what has now become known as the “death ship” in May 2015.


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