UK Supreme Court decides on responsibility of proof in cargo claims

As Gard P&I Club informs, carriers should make sure that they implement solid and comprehensive record-keeping routines of what is declared and known about the specific cargo to be carried, as well as of each step taken to care for the cargo. This may include evidence of market practice for the storage along with carriage of moisture absorbing cargoes.

US court decides against USS Cole sailors

The US Supreme Court on March 26 did not allow American sailors injured in the deadly 2000 al Qaeda bombing of the Navy destroyer USS Cole to collect the $314.7 million in damages from the government of Sudan for its alleged role in the attack. The ruling overturned a lower court’s decision that had allowed the sailors to collect the damages from certain banks that held Sudanese assets.

Court in Malta decides that ship’s mortgage overrides foreign auction

A ship was arrested in Malta after a creditor obtained a Maltese court order claiming a judicial sale by auction of the ship in Jamaica was ignored. Jebmed SRL were first ranking creditors of the 22,988-tonne bulk carrier Bright Star, which at the time was called Trading Fabrizia, by virtue of a mortgage registered in Malta, where the ship was registered, in 2017. As the vessel went into financial distress while in Haiti and Jamaica, it was arrested by many creditors, such as Jebmed.

Live sheep export challenged in Australia’s Federal Court

Animals Australia NGO appeared in the first hearing of an unprecedented application in the Federal Court of Australia to challenge the legality of a live sheep export permit. The challenge relates to a shipment of 58,000 sheep that departed Fremantle for the Middle East last week on the live export vessel ‘Al Messilah’.

Italian RBD Armantori declares bankruptcy

The Italian shipping company, RBD Armantori, located in Naples, has been officially declared bankrupt by the Court of Torre Annunziata, earlier this week. Armantori tried to create a rescue plan. Such a thing did not happen and as a result, there weren’t the necessary requirements for the company to be saved.

Liberian Registry, ICS overturn Brazilian court ruling

The Liberian Registry and the International Chamber of Shipping assisted the holder of a Liberian mortgage to overturn a decision of the Brazilian courts which could have had serious consequences for the international shipping industry.

Standard Club: Ship arrest in Canada

The Standard P&I Club says that Canada is one of the most favourable jurisdictions for ship arrests, because a ship arrest can be done within a few hours and at low cost, however, the release of arrest could be very expeditious.

Batamec Shipyard arrests tanker for unpaid repair bills

Offshore marine company Otto Marine Limited announced that its shipyard subsidiary in Batam commenced proceedings in the High Court of Singapore against and caused the arrest of the chemical tanker Ratna Blessing for unpaid ship repair related charges.


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