Mexico detains 19 Filipino seafarers over alleged drug law violation

According to the statement issued by Mexico’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), 19 Filipino seafarers were detained in Mexico over alleged violation of the country’s illegal drug law. DFA stated that no formal charges have been filed against the detained seafarers yet, but local officials are cooperating with Mexican authorities. 

Tunisian fishers on trial after helping sea migrants

Six Tunisian fishers have been put on trial in Italy after their trawler helped 14 migrants, by towing their small vessel into Italian waters. All the crew were arrested on people smuggling charges, even though they claimed to have alerted the Italian coastguard that there was a boat in distress.

Rescuers not guilty of illegally entering migrants, Greek court decides

A Greek court has cleared three Spanish and two Danish rescuers after accusations that they were trying to help illegal migrants enter Greece through the island of Lesbos. The incident happened during rescue mission in the Aegean sea. The five rescuers faced up to 10 years in prison, but the court in Lesbos decided that the accusation has not been proven. 

Seychelles charges pirates after attack in Somali Basin

The Seychellois Attorney General informed on 18 December, that the six Somali nationals apprehended by the crew of EU NAVFOR flagship ‘ITS Virginio Fasan’ have been charged with ‘committing an act of piracy’ and ‘attempting an act of piracy’ in the Indian Ocean.

Somali pirate sentenced to life for attack on navy ship

The US Department of Justice announced that a Somalian pirate was sentenced to life, plus 10 years in prison, for engaging in piracy and committing other offenses pertaining to the attack, on a U.S. Navy ship, in April 2010.

Somali pirates on trial in Paris

Seven suspected Somali pirates went on trial yesterday in France for hijacking a French yacht in the Gulf of Aden back in 2011. The defendants are accused of killing the lone male aboard the catamaran and kidnapping his wife, who survived the ordeal and was rescued.


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