Cosco’s network in the Americas totally recovered

Cosco’s network applications in the Americas have been totally recovered, the company announced. Namely, all communication channels including telephone, email, and electronic data exchange have been restored. As now Cosco’s network is recovered, there has also been a further increase in its service response.

Cosco gradually restores its network after cyber attack

Cosco gradually restored the network application in the Americas from July 26 and the data communication with partners such as customs, terminals and railways in North America has been restored. In addition, service response speeds in the Americas are gradually increasing and are expected to return to normal during the weekend.

Cyber attack against Cosco is worrying, Naval Dome says

Naval Dome CEO, Itai Sela, says that the recent cyber attack against Cosco is worrying. Mr. Sela noted that despite the fact the company took precautionary measures, it must make sure that the attack has indeed been contained. Nevertheless, this attack along with the attack against Maersk last year can provide valuable lessons.

Cosco still affected by cyber attack

After Cosco’s operations in the US were hit by a cyber-attack on Tuesday, July 24, affecting its daily operations, there are reports saying that the cyber attack has spread. As the company informed, the network has failed in Americas, and as a result the email and telephones are not working properly.

Cyber attack hits Cosco’s operations in US

Cosco’s operations in the US were hit by a cyber-attack on Tuesday, July 24. As a result its daily operations in the US were affected. The company’s operations outside the US are not affected, according to reports, while terminal operations are continuing their operations unaffected.


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