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How to instill a growth mindset: Tips for leaders

It is known that the term “growth mindset” is involved in every field, as it is a key element towards success. Specifically, it is observed that all great leaders who have been successful in any career job, have adapted growth mindset qualities.

10 things you can do in your daily life to improve personal development

Your mindset determines your success as a person and the way you see and deal with all the problems arising. However, personal growth has always been a challenging pathway for people, who often seek innovative, yet sometimes ineffective, ways to improve themselves. Here are ten tips that will help you enhance your personal growth and become the person you want to be.

How to break out of your comfort zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” Professor Neale Donald Walsch once said, but most people find it hard to detach from the sense of familiar within their personal boundaries. What are the consequences of this tendency for one’s personal development and how can this be overcome?

What it means to have a “Growth Mindset” onboard

To begin with, “growth mindset” is a concept of self-improvement. For example, individuals with a growth mindset have the confidence to make it through and do not get discouraged when they receive negative feedback, nor do they take feedback personally. In fact, having a growth mindset makes you see mistakes as an opportunity to further learn and move on.

The digital revolution in crewing

Shipping’s digital transformation has already advanced, leaving the “cautious” behind with a disadvantage. It is important to bring value by adding the data and tech component, especially to crewing, which is a dynamic environment, argues Mrs Nadia Alegra, Business Development Manager at Seafair manning agency and crewing software provider.

Building a culture of trust around cyber security

It has been many times supported that people are the weak link between the hacker and the company, as it is the human factor that leads to a cyber incident, whether it is a wrongly used USB or a link clicked. Yet, it is up to the organization build a culture of trust and knowledge around cyber security and make its employees understand the importance of being cyber resilient and reporting mistakes. 

Career Paths: Gisa Paredes, WellAtSea

In our special column this month, we are glad to host an interview with Ms. Gisa Paredes, a Licensed Psychologist and Chief Operating Officer at WellAtSea program which has now reached more than 8,000 seafarers globally. Ms Paredes shares with us her secrets for  business development; among many, connecting with intention, practicing mindfulness and seeking help from professionals have helped her a lot towards.

Career Paths: Alisdair Pettigrew, BLUE

In our special column this month, we are pleased to host an interview with Mr. Alisdair Pettigrew who is the Managing Director  and Founder of BLUE communications consultancy. Having a diverse and interesting background, he explains how he joined shipping industry and advises us to always invest in knowledge.

Safety and wellness in the work place: A critical connection

Having a safe working environment, not only concerning physical hazards, but also psychological hazards is important so that you support the employees. The psychological hazards category is the new kid on the block. Up to now, organizations were aware of the physical hazards. How easy is it to adapt to this new category of wellness and not stick to the traditional one?

How workplace wellness works

UK figures from 2018 show that millions are lost each year due to work-related stress, anxiety, and depression. Creating psychological safety is the A, Z for a healthy working environment, where employees feel included and encouraged to contribute their best ideas, maintaining the overall efficiency of an organization.

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