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Women Together: Taking real action will make shipping more appealing to a diverse range of talents

Mrs Zoe Upson, Founder of Women Together initiative, urges for more action towards gender diversity. Women Together was developed with the aim to bring change in the industry; through this initiative and her talent solution business FACT, Mrs Upson empowers all industry stakeholders, both women and men, to be open to new ideas of how to achieve equality, bridge the pay gap and reinforce decent parental level.

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Career Paths: Philippa Charlton, Lloyd’s Register

In our special column for this month, we are glad to host an interview with Mrs. Philippa Charlton, Chief Marketing Officer, Lloyd’s Register, who is particularly excited about the role digitalisation has in enabling decarbonisation in maritime. Throughout the pandemic, technology enabled organisations like LR continued to provide services remotely and support the supply chain as it navigated COVID-19.

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Key soft skills for effective Human Factors Management

Albeit the common belief within the industry that whenever people are involved in design, construction or operation of equipment and process there is the likelihood for human error, we tend to see as cause of incidents the following human related factors: failures in tasks; unclear guidance or procedures; workload fatigue; lack of quality or insufficient training; improper communication; lack of situational awareness; complacency and; stress.

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Career Paths: Sarah Tangan, International Maritime Recruiters Consulting

In our special column this month, we are glad to host an interview with Sarah Tangan, Career Counsellor, International Maritime Recruiters Consulting, who emphasises on the need of continuous learning, formal training and certifications, noting that there is a gap in the system within the industry when it comes to continuous education in Human Resources, diversity, and inclusion and maritime recruitment. 

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Career Paths: Clinton Evans, Hapag-Lloyd

In our special column this month, we are glad to host an interview with Mr. Clinton John Evans, Managing Director Area Oceania – Hapag-Lloyd, who highlights the importance of working in an environment that suits to one's personal values and interests and advises us to daily treat others with respect in every case; even when ordering a coffee or engaging with colleagues.

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