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UN Climate Change: Key actions through 2017

UN Climate Change launched its first-ever Annual Report, laying out the key 2017 achievements and pointing to the future of the climate change process. The report covers many areas of the 2017 work of UN Climate Change, which includes the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement.

Stepping towards ship electrification

Mr. Jan Kjetil Paulsen, Senior Advisor Shipping at the Bellona Foundation talks about the recent developments of vessel electrification, which is considered an important step towards a zero-emission future. Except from cutting emissions from fossil energy sources, electrification is also a profitable business solution, which may stimulate the adaptation of operators, Mr. Paulsen argues, predicting however challenges regarding initial investments in new technology and infrastructure.

Top green shipping stories of 2017

As we are heading towards the end of 2017, we take a look back at the significant developments for the protection of the marine environment. The entry into force of the BWM Convention, the exclusion of shipping in the EU ETS, the initiatives towards electrification and decarbonization compile the scenery of a challenging year for shipping.

EU sets deadline for shipping emissions reduction

The EU confirmed that it will include shipping in its emissions trading system if the International Maritime Organisation does not deliver effective global measures to reduce shipping emissions by 2023.

Bellona COP23 event puts electric shipping in the spotlight

An electric revolution for a zero-emission future is taking place to the seas, according to Bellona as cited at one of its COP23 side events on electrification of maritime transport in Bonn, Germany, last week. ‘The technology is here, what we need is regulation’ was a key message echoed by the speakers.

Shipping industry acts on decarbonization at COP23

An international shipping industry group gathered in Bonn to create a draft Action Plan that maps out how shipping can contribute to GHG reductions and decarbonization in order to comply with the high ambition climate change target of limiting global temperatures to 1.5oC.

IMO activities showcased at COP23 climate talks

IMO has continued its participation at the Bonn climate change talks, at this year’s UN Climate Conference, in a range of side- and special events, following its report on progress to the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technical Advice. 

MAN CEO: COP23 a new chance for shipping energy transition

Commenting on the events of COP23, Dr Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Diesel & Turbo, noted that the meeting offers a new opportunity to accelerate the ‘Maritime Energy Transition’, although the hopes and demands of the shipping industry for a strengthened mandate of the IMO were not fulfilled in Paris. 

Shipping industry gets ready for COP23

As part of this year’s UN Climate Change Conference COP23 in Bonn, consolidating the aims and ambitions of the Paris Agreement, a group of international shipping leaders will meet on 13 November, onboard the RheinFantasie river vessel,  to create an Action Plan for the decarbonisation of the maritime sector.

ICS encouraged by EU faith in IMO for emissions reduction

Following long discussions and negotiations, the EU yesterday concluded with a decision to revise the EU ETS after 2020, giving time to the shipping industry to realize its initial CO2 reduction objectives by 2018, according to IMO’s Roadmap. 

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