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Malta Freeport welcomes its first LNG-fueled container ship

Malta Freeport Terminals welcomed the first ever LNG-fueled container ship to visit Malta during the course of the vessel’s maiden voyage from Asia to Rotterdam. The ‘Containerships Polar’ discharged more than 560 containers during its call to Malta. 

Port Tampa Bay accommodates its biggest container vessel

Port Tampa Bay welcomed its biggest container ship ever, the CMA CGM Dalila. The vessel is 1,096 feet long, 141 feet across the beam and can carry up to 8,469 TEU shipping containers. CMA CGM Dalila is also the first ship in a new service planned to arrive on weekly basis from Asia.

South Carolina Ports Authority achieved its best May ever

South Carolina Ports Authority announced on June 11 that it achieved its strongest May on record. Namely, the Port handled 204,457 twenty-foot equivalent container units handled last month. Fiscal year-to-date TEU volume has increased by 9.7%, with 2,192,689 TEUs handled since the Port’s fiscal year started in July.

Lessons learned: Stowaways enter steering gear trunk

In its latest Safety Scenario, the Swedish Club focuses on a case regarding three stowaways. Namely, the crew of a container ship that had left from Lagos discovered three people sitting on the rudder. The stowaways had used a small rowing boat to reach the vessel and had managed to climb up the rudder and then into the rudder trunk.

Israeli Navy arrests stowaway who tried to set container ship on fire

The Israeli Navy has proceeded to the arrest of a stowaway on board a container ship that was moored outside the port of Haifa. Reports mention that the man was attempting to set the vessel on fire. The unidentified people tried to take control of the ship, while the fire began during the argument.

Hamburg’s restored wooden ship sinks after collision with container ship

A recently restored wooden sailing ship sunk as it collided with a container ship in Hamburg. Because of the quick response of five rescue boats which where in the area when the accident happened, all 43 passengers were rescued. The two ships collided on the River Elbe after a failed tack led the sailing ship into the container ship.

Digitalization to pave new ways for ship routing

As emerging technologies are enhancing ship routing, navigation is getting faster and safer, while there are new possibilities for mega-container ships and fully autonomous ships to sail the high seas in the coming future. Ship routing has been steadily improving, as the shipping industry successfully mitigates several issues.

Hapag-Lloyd introduces real-time container monitoring program

Hapag-Lloyd presented its new real-time container monitoring program ‘Hapag-Lloyd LIVE’. The program offers real-time GPS location, temperature information, and power-off alerts, among other services. In an initial effort, the company is retrofitting its entire reefer fleet of some 100,000 containers.

Ensuring safe carriage of metal scrap in containers

Experiencing a recent rise in the number of enquiries relating to the transport of metal scrap in containers, the UK Club reiterated the CINS Metal Scrap Carriage Guidelines, published in January 2018, aiming to to reduce claims from the carriage of metal scrap by ensuring that it is properly packed, declared and carried.


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