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New container equipment prices to fall to record lows

According to the latest edition of Drewry’s Container Census report, cheaper production and material costs as well as weaker demand has driven the price of new container equipment down to record lows and is forecast to fall further during 2016.

Hoover, Ferguson & CCC announce merger

Hoover Container Solutions (“Hoover”), Ferguson Group (“Ferguson”) and CHEP Catalyst & Chemical Containers (“CCC”), three providers of container solutions products in the energy, petrochemical and general industrial markets have announced that they are merging to form Hoover Ferguson Group (“HFG”)

ClassNK makes breakthrough finding for ULCV

ClassNK has announced that it has concluded that the minimum required brittle crack arrest toughness for extremely thick brittle crack arrest steel plates of 100mm used in ultra-large container ships is 8,000 N/mm3/2.

Trade unions and container companies finalise consultations

FNV and CNV Vakmensen trade unions, Rotterdam container companies and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have concluded consultations on employment in the container industry. The trade unions will present the outcome of the negotiations to their members with favourable advice.

Container rates to rise after hitting bottom, says Drewry

Drewry’s latest Container Forecaster report says that container freight rates are forecast to rise modestly over the next 18 months from the all-time lows reached recently, but this will not be sufficient to rescue the industry from substantial losses in 2016.

OPDR offers many options for submitting VGM

As of July 1st 2016, the enforcement of the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) requirements regarding the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of packed containers are effective. In this regard, OPDR offers guidance as well as several customer-friendly ways for submitting VGM declarations.

New ship safety rule enters into force

A new regulation requiring the gross mass of a container to be verified before it is loaded onto a ship entered into force on July 1st 2016. It will assist in ensuring that the millions of containers carried on ships each year are optimally stowed, thereby helping to prevent container stacks collapsing and containers being lost overboard, and the associated injury and loss of life.

Container inspection standards get in harmonisation process

Container Owners Assosiation has said that container shipping industry can derive greater benefit from harmonised interchange inspection criteria.In a significant breakthrough for the container shipping business, the two criteria currently used when inspecting containers during the interchange process between operators and leasing companies are now to be harmonised.


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