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Watch: Rotterdam’s app tracks containers

The Port of Rotterdam launched an application that enables shippers and freight forwarders to locate their containers at any given time and is a more user-friendly way of collecting information from all kinds of sources. 

Watch: The benefits of shore power at Port of Vancouver

Shore power enables ships equipped with the necessary equipment to shut down diesel powered auxiliary engines and plug into land-based electrical power. This reduces emissions of pollutants that damage air quality and GHG emissions that contribute to climate change. It also reduces engine noise. In this video, the Port of Vancouver presents its own shore power facility.

Watch: Gantry crane collapses after collision with container ship

A container ship collide with a pier at Terminal Petikemas Semarang in Indonesia on July 14. Namely, ‘Soul of Luck’ hit a gantry crane that was located  at the terminal. Due to the collision, the crane collapsed. After the accident, the area was closed, with relevant authorities starting an investigation to find out the events that led to the collision.

Watch: Mega trends impacting container industry

In the video issued by the Port of Rotterdam, Heinrich Kerstgens, Managing Director at logistics company Contargo, explains why current trends in the container industry will ask for heavy investments in digitisation and decarbonisation. 

Watch: The challenges of today’s container booking practices

In this video, Maersk explains the complicated procedure of today’s container booking practices. As the shipping giant says, container booking can be a very complex operation, while many problems such as overbooking and change of fees come to add to the already challenging reality.

Watch: Heavy winds knock down containers at Port of Antwerp

This video, filmed on March 10, at the Port of Antwerp depicts strong winds of 12 Beaufort hitting the Port Of Antwerp last week, knocking down containers on the dock. As the winds were so strong, the video depicts a 40-foot ONE container being blown out from a stack of containers and being thrown into the water.

Watch: Arctic Council launches ship traffic data

The Arctic Council’s Working Group on the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) has launched a comprehensive Arctic shipping activity database, to enhance knowledge of historical Arctic ship traffic activity and the factors that affect it, as sea ice extent, meteorological and oceanographic conditions and international regulations. The database is designed to allow authorized users to analyze vessel traffic patterns, fuel use and air emissions, among other economic and environmental conditions.

Watch: ROUV assessment of containers lost from YM Efficiency

The AMSA-contracted Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROUV) assessment of the containers lost from the YM Efficiency recommenced on 12 January. The video, issued by AMSA, shows some highlights from the ROUV operations in December. 

US west coast’s largest cranes arrive in port of Tacoma

The Northwest Seaport Alliance ordered eight new super-post-Panamax cranes from Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries in China through a competitive bid process, as no container cranes currently are manufactured in the US. Four cranes arrived Friday and four more cranes will arrive in 2019.

Watch: How a steel box changed the world

The short film, published by Wall Street Journal, highlights that container shipping industry was not as big and as efficient as it is today. The change came on 1956, when the American truck driver Malcom McLean stacked 56 metal boxes to a ship going from New Jersey to Houston, bringing a revolution.

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