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Cosco container ship collides with ship in Vietnam

Cosco informed that its container ship CSCL Jupiter collided with another ship at Campem TCTT, in Vietnam, on 22 of August. Cosco’s container ship sustained damages, but no injuries, nor environmental pollution was reported. The ship is now expected to delay around one week because of temporary repairs.

Watch: Gantry crane collapses after collision with container ship

A container ship collide with a pier at Terminal Petikemas Semarang in Indonesia on July 14. Namely, ‘Soul of Luck’ hit a gantry crane that was located  at the terminal. Due to the collision, the crane collapsed. After the accident, the area was closed, with relevant authorities starting an investigation to find out the events that led to the collision.

Watch: ROUV assessment of containers lost from YM Efficiency

The AMSA-contracted Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROUV) assessment of the containers lost from the YM Efficiency recommenced on 12 January. The video, issued by AMSA, shows some highlights from the ROUV operations in December. 

1,220 metric tons of debris collected after MSC Zoe overboard incident

In the latest situation update, Geneva-based Mediterranean Shipping Company confirmed that significant progress has been made in the clean-up operation in the North Sea and on the beaches of the Netherlands and Germany, after 281 containers were lost overboard the mega container ship ‘MSC Zoe’ last week. In total, 1,220 metric tons of debris has been collected.

Seafarer killed during container lashing in Port of Dublin

A seafarer was killed while lashing and securing containers onboard the Antigua and Barbuda-flagged container ship ‘Francop’, in the port of Dublin, Ireland, on 14 November. Dennis Gomez Regana, from the Philippines, died after a container struck him at Southbank Quay, when he was doing lashing work while container lifting operations were underway, ITF informed. 

Port worker fatally crushed on the job at ICTSI terminal

An Indonesian dock worker died on duty at the International Container Terminal Services Inc facility in Jakarta overnight, according to ITF. The 40-year-old man was fatally crushed at 22.10 local time, when a refrigerated container was dropped onto his truck, crushing the cabin and killing the driver.


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