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Complexity surrounding carriage of dangerous goods on board

The containerised supply chain is complex. For this reason, TT Club called out any practice that may harm safety. As the Club informed, key targets relate to shipment, handling and carriage of dangerous goods. 2019 has seen a significant increase in incidents regarding shipment of dangerous goods, including a number of high-profile ship fires.

Top 10 risks related to container terminals

TT Club seeks to understand the risks experienced in the transport and logistics industry, providing loss prevention advice to operators as appropriate. In this article, the Club focuses on the findings of recent analysis into the risks faced by container terminals.

ABS, CINS to develop best practices for carriage of dangerous goods

ABS is cooperating with CINS members over the past six months to develop best stowage strategy guidelines. After a three-month trial, the best practice guidelines will be published. The collaboration gathers key industry stakeholders to examine the challenges and risks container ship owners and operators face when stowing dangerous goods.

Ensuring containers safety on board container ships

Uwe-Peter Schieder, Loss Prevention Manager at GDV (German Insurance Association – Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft) and Vice-Chair of IUMI’s Loss Prevention Committee, provides his comment on securing containers on deck of a container ship. Technical aids for detecting resonance in a timely manner are being developed, but a decisive breakthrough has not been reached as of yet.

Regulatory update: Container ships safety

With the growing size of container vessels, misdeclaration of cargo together with insufficient firefighting capabilities are currently two of the main challenges related to container ship safety.

iContainers: ‘Maersk Honam’ fire highlights need of cargo insurance

The two subsequent fire incidents involving Maersk vessels, as well as the boxship collision in Karachi Port earlier this month that forced the temporary closure of the port, highlighted the importance of always investing in cargo insurance, said iContainers, as the amount of insurance that all shipping carriers are obliged to offer by law is limited.

Guidelines for carriage of cocoa butter in freight containers

A working group comprising members of the Cargo Incident Notification System issued guidelines for the carriage of cocoa butter in freight containers, under the principles set out in the IMO/ILO/UNECE Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code).


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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