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SeaSense – Expert Thinking on digitalization and safety reporting

Many are those questioning whether digitalization has a positive effect on safety in terms of ship/shore communication; whether it has managed to meet regulatory compliance and has improved accurate reporting from ship to shore and backwards.  As such, in our Sea Sense column this time, in association with The North of England P&I Club, we ask global experts to make their assessment

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Navigational safety: the challenges for improvement – A P&I club’s perspective

Reading through the many accident reports that have been published by Flag States and other competent authorities, there are recurring themes of poor lookout, suspect decision making, poor passage planning, lack of situational awareness, fatigue and poor communication. In this article, Mr. John Dolan, Deputy Director, Loss Prevention at Standard Club examines why we have navigation-related accidents from a P&I perspective. 

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NTSB investigation: Contact of tanker with multiple vessels linked to poor bridge resource management

NTSB issued an investigation report on the contact of the tanker American Liberty with multiple vessels, including the Don D, African Griffon, Ever Grace, and multiple hopper barges, in Lower Mississippi River in May 2019. The investigation highlighted poor bridge resource management and miscommunication between the pilot and the master as key causes of the accident. 

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