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Port of Gothenburg starts environmental discounts

 January 1 this year saw the introduction of environmental discounts in the Port of Gothenburg, the aim being to incentivise vessels with high environmental performance. Edvard Molitor, Senior Manager Environment at the Port of Gothenburg Authority, reveals that the concept has got off to a great start.The Port of Gothenburg’s environmental discounts were introduced to promote a reduction in environmental impact beyond the levels stipulated in international regulations and legislation. Since the system’s implementation earlier this year, the market’s signals have been highly positive.“This method of saving money and, not least, of highlighting environmental dedication is of course appreciated by our customers. They also appreciate the fact that we have joined an established index system that makes it easier for many more participants to join in,” explains Edvard Molitor, Senior Manager Environment at the Port of Gothenburg Authority.To date 25 vessels have joined the system and the proportion of ships meeting the discount requirements is higher than expected.“25 ships is a relatively small proportion of all the vessels in the port, but these particular ships call very frequently. The exact proportion depends somewhat on how we define if a ship makes a port call, but a conservative estimate shows that ...

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Clean Shipping Index

The Clean Shipping Index is a EUSBSR flagship project of Priority Area 'Ship'. It is a business to business tool for cargo owners to select clean ships and quality ship operators. Transport buyers use it to calculate and minimize their environmental footprint. Shipowners present the environmental profile of their fleet to a network of large customers who consider this in procurement situations. Shipowners also use it as a bench-marking tool in order to identify areas for environmental improvement. The aim: a market demand for clean ships. CSI is driven by a non profit organization.In the onset, I was explicit with you propecia before and after has changed my existence. It has become much more fun, and now I have to run. Just as it is improbable to sit.

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The Clean Shipping Index: How shipping companies are ranked

More and more cargo owners are taking the opportunity to exert environmental pressure on carriers to mitigate their environmental impact. This observation was made by Sara Sköld, Director at Clean Shipping Network, whose international environmental index, the Clean Shipping Index, has grown from 0 to 100 in just a few years. It is now used by many of Sweden's largest import and export companies. The Clean Shipping Index was set up in Gothenburg in 2007 by Ulf Duus and Jan Ahlbom. County Administrative Board employee Jan Ahlbom and consultant Ulf Duus had been assigned the task of compiling a report on the latest environmental technology in shipping. During the course of their examination they gradually came to the realisation that there were surprisingly few ships at the Port of Gothenburg that were environmentally adapted. Sara Sköld explained: "They discovered that the shipping companies' customers were exerting pressure on the carriers to mitigate their environmental impact. This led to the cargo owners and shipping companies joining forces to produce eco-adapted solutions. Working in collaboration with a number of major cargo owners, Ulf and Jan went on to develop what was to become the Clean Shipping Index." The Clean Shipping Index is ...

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