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Class NK announces agreement to take 20% stake in Tokyo-based company

Agreement to establish a capital tie-up with Japan Marine Science Inc. ClassNK announced that it had reached an agreement to establish a capital tie-up with Japan Marine Science Inc. at a meeting in Tokyo. The tie up agreement will see ClassNK take a roughly 20% stake in the Tokyo-based company, which will issue new shares in exchange for a capital investment from the classification society.ClassNK Managing Director Koichi Fujiwara will also take a position on Japan Marine Sciences Board of Directors.Founded in 1985, Japan Marine Science is Japans largest maritime consulting firm and a leader in maritime IT development. The company is actively involved in the development and application of analysis, training, and software systems in the maritime field.According to ClassNK Managing Director Koichi Fujiwara the tie up presents an important step forward for both companies. With this partnership, we will be able to take advantage of the expertise and specialized knowledge that both our organizations have developed over the years, and apply it to developing new solutions to the challenges faced by the maritime industry, including for example developing comprehensive IT systems to support vessel operations, and other advanced technology development.This investment in Japan Marine Science Inc. marks the ...

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ClassNK named top classification society

It received the Classification Society Award ClassNK was named the best classification society in Asia again Friday night when it received the "Classification Society Award" at the Seatrade Asia Awards held recently in Hong Kong.Held annually by London-based maritime media company Seatrade Communications, the Seatrade Asia Awards recognize excellence in such fields as innovation, safety, and education in the Asian maritime industry. This marks the second time ClassNK has been named the best classification society at the Seatrade Asia Awards since the event was established in 2008.This year's panel of judges selected ClassNK as the best classification society from a group of four of the top classification societies active in Asia, based on ClassNK's commitment to innovation and activities in the greater Asian maritime industry over the past year. ClassNK chairman and president Noboru Ueda accepted the award on behalf of the society.He acknowledged the importance of the award by saying: "It is a great honour to be recognized as the leading classification society by our peers in the Asian maritime community, and we will continue to strive to even to provide better service to the maritime industry both here in Asia and around the world."Source: Motorship

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ClassNK unveils the Global Approach 200 mid-term plan

Laying out 3 key strategic objectives for the period between 2011 to 2013 Chairman & President Noboru Ueda revealed that ClassNK, already the worlds largest on a gross ton basis, aimed to have more than 200 million gross tons on its register by the end of 2013 as part of the Societys new Global Approach 200 mid-term plan, unveiled in Tokyo.The plan was officially revealed to the press following its approval by the ClassNK Administrative Council, which met for the first time since the Society completed its transition to a new legal structure in April of this year.The Global Approach 200 plan, the first such mid-term plan to be released by ClassNK, lays out 3 key strategic objectives for the society for the period between 2011 to 2013, including: creating a stable foundation resistant to changes in the market environment, maintaining ClassNKs position as the worlds leading classification society and expanding upon its share of the classification market, and taking more a proactive approach to new opportunities. Based on these strategic objectives, Mr. Ueda laid out 5 goals for the class society to achieve by 2013, including: establishing a stable financial foundation for future growth, reaching more than 200 million ...

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Carriage of immersion suits on cargo ships flying Hong Kong Flag

Technical Information TEC-0667 by Class NK With regard to the carriage of immersion suits on the Hong Kong flagged ships, ClassNK Technical Information No.TEC-0667 dated 6 July 2006 has been issued.Recently, the Government has notified of the additional instruction of immersion suits for the stored position of the additional liferaft required by SOLAS Reg.III/31.1.4.In response, ClassNK Technical Information No.TEC-0667 paragraph 1 has been modified as follows.(1) At least two immersion suits should be provided in wheel house and engine control room respectively as additional immersion suits. The same number of immersion suits as life-jackets at the wheel house and engine control room are required (i.e. if 3 life-jackets are required at the wheel house then 3 immersion suits are required at the wheel house).(2) If ship has other watch or work stations and life-jackets has already been provided, for example, cargo control room of chemical tanker etc., the same number of immersion suits as life-jackets are required to such stations. Mooring stations (fore & aft) are not included in the above watch or work stations.(3) At least two sets of immersion suits are to be provided for the stored position of the additional liferaft required by Reg.III/31.1.4 according to the ...

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World s first solar-power-assisted vessel further developed

Auriga Leader to be fitted with BWM system and adapted to use low-sulfur fuel The power generation and endurance of the photovoltaic panels on Auriga Leader have been undergoing shipboard tests since the completion of the vessel on December 19, 2008.The tests have shown that providing a stable power supply from the photovoltaic panels is difficult because even a slight change in the weather has a significant influence on the amount of power generated.It was also found that attempting to make the solar power system bigger to gain more output and to increase its dependency could result in problems with regard to stable operations due to fluctuations in the power supply.The hybrid power supply system has been studied since fiscal 2009.NYK Line and MTI, with the aim of curtailing CO2 emissions, have pursued a stable onboard power supply in case an unstable renewable energy source such as solar power were to be adopted; KHI has been working to develop a hybrid power supply system for vessels through the use of its self-developed large nickel hydrogen batteries known as Gigacell?; and ClassNK is supporting these projects as part of assistance provided through a joint research scheme based on industry demands.Charging and ...

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Replacement of IAPP Certificate

Due to change in procedure for completing Supplement As already advised in ClassNK Technical Information No. TEC-0771 dated 13 May 2009, in accordance with Reg. 14 of MARPOL Annex VI, the sulphur content limit value for a fuel oil used outside of an Emission Control Area will be changed from 4.50% m/m to 3.50% m/m on 1 January 2012 and will be effective thereafter.Required sulphur content limit values are described in section 2.3 of the Supplement to the IAPP Certificate using a check box form. So far, only the check box for the sulphur content limit value which is applicable at the time of issuance of the Certificate has been ticked off. Therefore, whenever a new sulphur content limit values is enforced, the IAPP Certificate needs to be replaced each time.However, the IMO MEPC 61 agreed that section 2.3 of the Supplement should be completed on the basis of all available options, with a view to avoiding the need for repeated re-issuance of the Supplement, as the various given dates are passed. In accordance with this agreement, ClassNK will change the procedure for completion of section 2.3 of the Supplement and tick off all the check boxes which may be ...

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New Guideline related to the Paris Memorandum of Understanding (Paris MOU)

For Panamanian Ships of 20 years of age or more Panama Maritime Authority has notified ClassNK of Merchant Marine Circular No.221related to the Paris Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter Paris MOU).It was requested to arrange the occasional survey for all vessels of twenty (20) years of age or more, which are calling at a port or operating within the ports of country members to the Paris MOU in the Technical Information No. TEC-0759 dated 19 December 2008. As per the circular, it is not necessary to arrange the occasional survey.However, ClassNK would like to simply remind that it is stated in the circular that the General Directive of Merchant Marine can consider to request an Occasional Inspection to every vessel of 20 years or more of construction, which repeatedly incur in multiple detentions among the Memorandum of Understanding.This ClassNK Technical Information supersedes the existing Technical Information No. TEC-0759 dated 19 December 2008.To view more, press here.Source: ClassNK

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ClassNK has started to test and certify radiation levels on ships

Japan attempts to reassure owners who refuse to call at ports in Yokohama and Tokyo The Japanese class society has kicked off a monitoring campaign to alleviate fears over ship contamination.ClassNK has started to test and certify radiation levels on ships as Japan attempts to reassure owners who are refusing to call at ports in Yokohama and Tokyo in fear of contamination from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.The movestarted one month after the earthquake and tsunami and at a time when cruiseship operators are not calling in Tokyo Bay and as many as 20 boxship calls in the area have been cancelled.Although the Tokyo-based Japanese classification society does not have any radiation-testing equipment itself, it is subcontracting the work, counter-signing the documentation and then offering its own certification.

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Guideline for measurement of dose rate for ships in Japanese ports

Information on radiation dose rate The need for the information on radiation dose rate for ships from Japan has been on the increase at the ports outside Japan since the aftermath of damage on the Fukushima nuclear power plant caused by the earthquake on 11 March 2011 and subsequent Tsunami.In the face of this need, Japanese Government (MLIT: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) has developed the guideline on radiation measurement for ships in order to provide foreign port authority with proper access to accurate data.Attestation for radiation dose rate will be issued if the measurement is conducted based on the guideline. ClassNK is requested by MLIT to issue an attestation in case where the measurement is conducted in Port of Keihin Yokohama Area. In this context, ClassNK issues the attestation for ships of which radiation dose rate is measured in line with the guideline in Port of Keihin Yokohama Area. ClassNK is also ready to issue an appraisal report for ships that measurement is carried out in Japanese ports other than Yokohama area. The attestation issuance procedures are shown below.A) The radiation dose rate measurement operator is to be arranged by the applicant.B) The applicant requests ClassNK (the ...

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