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ClassNK Issues MLC Seafarer Recruitment Certification to Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc.

MOL Group, is in conformance with the standards set forth in Regulation 1.4 of MLC ClassNK continued to cement its position in maritime manning certification with the issuance of approval for seafarer recruitment and placement service providers in line with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC, 2006) to Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc. (MAGMOL).The approval confirms that the Manila-based manning company, a member of the MOL Group, is in conformance with the standards set forth in Regulation 1.4 (Recruitment and Placement) of the MLC 2006 which was adopted by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2006 to help ensure the safety and protect the rights of seafarers.The MLC 2006 requires that shipowners who make use of seafarer recruitment and placement services in countries or territories that have not adopted the MLC to confirm that their service providers are in conformance with convention standards. The text of the MLC however, does not include set guidelines for confirming such compliance. At the same time, calls for greater professionalism and increased quality are driving the demand for third party certification in the global manning industry.In order to assist both shipowners and recruitment and placement service providers in their efforts to meet the requirements of ...

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Ballast Water Management Plans for vessels flying Malaysian Flag

ClassNK - TEC 0880 The Maritime Department Malaysia, Marine Head Quarters has announced that Malaysian vessels above 400GT, regardless of her keel laid, engage in international voyages are required to have approved Ballast Water Management Plans by 1 January 2012.The above stated instruction become invalid once the Ballast Water Management Convention 2004 become globally enforced or at date announced by Malaysian Government.The above said administration has authorized ClassNK to approve such a ballast water management plan on behalf of them. The necessary numbers of copy of the plan in addition to one copy to ClassNK should be sent to the below mentioned department for approval service of the plan.Source: ClassNK

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Maintenance, inspection and test of Fire-Protection Systems and Appliances

On board the Marshall Islands flagged ships - ClassNK TEC - 0874 The Marshall Islands Government has informed ClassNK of Marine Notice No.2-011-14 Rev4/11, "Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Protection system and Appliances". The essential points of the Notice are shown below.Main points of changes are as follows1. Fixed CO2 Fire-Extinguishing Systems- Hydrostatic testing of high pressure cylinders All cylinders at 20 years interval 10% cylinders at 10 years interval.- Flexible hosesTo be replaced at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer or every 10 years2. Hydrostatic testing of EEBDFor more information, click here.Source: ClassNK

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The Mediterranean Sea – Requirement for Ballast Water Management

ClassNK - TEC 0875 BWM.2/Circ.35 has been issued by IMO to inform that a communication has been submitted from the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC) regarding a ballast water management guideline in the sea area.The ships entering the Mediterranean Sea area are encouraged to apply the guidelines on a voluntary basis as from 1st January 2012. And the guideline includes ballast water exchange according to the standard set out in the D-1 Standard of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments.Each vessel calling at a port within the Mediterranean Sea area is required to have on board a Ballast Water Management Plan complying with requirements of the Guidelines for Ballast Water Management and Development of Ballast water Management Plans (G4) developed by the IMO and to keep a record of all ballast water operations carried out.Ballast Water Management Plans for vessels registered to ClassNK can be received approval service according to IMO Resolution MEPC.127(53). The necessary number of copies of the plan in addition to one copy for ClassNK should be sent to the below mentioned department for the service.For more information, click here.Source: ClassNK

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Periodical Inspection and Maintenance of Fire-Fighting Systems and Portable Fire Extinguishers

On board Malaysian Flag Vessels - ClassNK TEC 0876 With reference to the periodical inspection and maintenance of fire-fighting systems and portable fire extinguishers on board Malaysian flag vessels, the flag requirements have been informed by ClassNK Technical Information No.TEC-0631 dated 14 June 2005. The Malaysian Government has notified ClassNK of the amended requirements as follows.This ClassNK Technical Information supersedes the previous ClassNK Technical Information No.TEC-0631.1. Periodical inspection and maintenance of fire-extinguishing system (General)(1) All types of permanently installed fire-fighting systems, all types of portable fire extinguishers and breathing apparatus air cylinders must be subjected to periodical inspection and maintenance every year, by authorized service agent or related Malaysian government agency.(2) The attending surveyor may require, if any deficiencies are found as the results of a periodical inspection, certain containers to be, also, tested hydrostatically.(3) Hydrostatic testing is also required after repair.(4) Where the loss of content exceeds 10% for CO2 and 5% for Halon, the container must be recharged.2. Fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems(1) The quantity of medium in containers must be inspected every 12 months.(2) Periodic hydrostatic testing of high-pressure containers must be carried out for not less than 10% of the containers during each 10 years period or ...

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NYK-Fil Certified as Meeting Standards of Maritime Labor Convention 2006

Regulation 1.4 of MLC 2006 NYK-Fil Ship Management Inc. (NYK-Fil; head office: Manila, Philippines), an NYK Group company, has obtained certification from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) as an institution that meets the requirements of regulation 1.4 (recruitment and placement) of the International Labor Organization's Maritime Labor Convention 2006 (MLC 2006).Regulation 1.4 of MLC 2006 mandates that each member that operates a public seafarer recruitment and placement service shall ensure that the service is operated in an orderly manner that protects and promotes seafarers' employment rights as provided in the convention. ClassNK's certification officially recognizes that the services offered by NYK-Fil fulfill this obligation. This is the first certification that ClassNK has issued in the manning-business sector.A certification ceremony was held at the head office of NYK-Fil on November 24, and attended by Mr. Takao Kuboki of Certification Service General Manager, Mr. Kazuyuki Akimoto of Manila Office General Manager from ClassNK, NYK-Fil president Josephine J. Francisco, and related parties from NYK.NYK-Fil strives to continually improve service standards through the receipt of objective evaluations from third-party institutions for the company's business operations. The NYK Group will continue to work to further enhance its operations so that it can continue to provide safe, ...

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ClassNK earns recognition from Norwegian flag

ClassNK will perform surveys and issue certificates for Norwegian flagged vessels Japan-based classification society ClassNK on Tuesday received recognition for Recognised Organisation (RO) from the government of Norway.The new status grants ClassNK the authority to perform surveys and issue certificates for Norwegian flagged vessels.Noboru Ueda, chairman of ClassNK, said the agreement would "help to build even stronger ties between the two great maritime nations".The new agreement makes Norway the 103rd flag administration to delegate authority for surveys and statutory certificates to ClassNK.ClassNK has more than 190m gross tonnes on its register at the end of September this yearSource: Seatrade Asia

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Enhanced Monitoring Programme for Bahamas- registered ships

ClassNK - TEC 0871 The Bahamas Maritime Authority has notified ClassNK of BMA Information Bulletin No.136 "Enhanced Monitoring Programme" .According to the notification, any ship which has been justifiably detained on more than one occasion in a 24 month period, either by PSC or Flag State, will automatically be placed on the Enhanced Monitoring Programme.Ships which have been placed on the Enhanced Monitoring Programme are subject to Bahamas "special" inspections within one (1) month of being placed on the programme, and at three (3) month periods thereafter. Any ships remaining on the programme after twelve (12) months will be specially reviewed for continued registration in consultation with the Director of the BMA.To view ClassNK TEC- 0871, click here.Source: ClassNK

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Change on the Renewal method of Safety Management Certificate (SMC)

And also on International Ship Security Certificated (ISSC) (except Japanese flag vessels ) Class NK issues Technical Information TEC- 0870 regarding Change on the Renewal method of Safety Management Certificate (SMC) and International Ship Security Certificated (ISSC) (except Japanese flag vessels )as follows:The revision of the ISM Code which came into effect on 1 July 2010 made it possible to extend the validity of existing SMC for 5 months by endorsement on it. ClassNK has revised the form of SMC to be issued on or after 1 July 2010 accordingly to include the column of endorsement for part B 13.13 of the ISM Code.Previously, ClassNK has been issuing short-term SMC valid for 5 months at completion of Renewal audit in the same way at Initial audit or Additional audit. As some of the ships which possess new form SMC are being into the range for renewal, the "Rules for the Audit and Registration of Safety Management Systems" has been revised in order to make it possible to extend the validity of existing SMC for 5 months by the attending auditor's endorsement on it and a new full-term Certificate will be issued within the extended period.To view ClassNK - TEC 0870, ...

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ClassNK releases new Guidelines for SCR Systems and Reductant Agent Supply Systems

New technologies and alternative fuels for emission reduction ClassNK is pleased to announce the release of its new Guideline for SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Systems and Reductant Agent Supply Systems. The new guidelines address the strengthening of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission regulations as stipulated in amendments to Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973 (MARPOL) which entered into force on 1 July 2010.With these amendments to MARPOL requiring 80% reductions in NOx emissions from diesel engines from 2016, a number of new technologies and alternative fuels are currently being investigated for their emission reduction potential. As SCR systems already have a proven track record in Europe as aftertreatment systems, and as even a single SCR unit can independently reduce NOx emissions by more than 80%, these systems are expected to find wide use in the maritime industry in the near future.As with any new maritime technology, however, clear guidelines and safety protocols for installing, maintaining, and certifying these systems are essential to bringing this exciting new technology into practical use.ClassNK's new Guidelines for SCR Systems and Reductant Agent Supply Systems have been developed in order to support the industry wide effort to safely ...

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