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Fall Preventer Devices (FPDs) for the Norwegian Flagged vessels

ClassNK - TEC 0893 The Norwegian Government has notified ClassNK of the special requirement for fall preventer devices (FPDs) for lifeboats on board Norwegian flagged vessels as follows.The Norwegian Government requires the Fall Preventer Devices (FPDs) which comply with MSC.1/Circ.1327 for all Norwegian Flagged vessels, until such time as the lifeboat release and the retrieval systems (LRRS) have undergone the necessary design review and performance test, and have been either confirmed compliant with the relevant requirements of the revised LSA Code or replaced with compliant devices.Quote of Instruction to Class (dated 19 January 2012)Until existing types of on-load release and retrieval systems for lifeboats are verified to be in compliance with the LSA code as amended by Res. MSC.320(89), or replaced with compliant on-load release and retrieval systems for lifeboats, on all ships such systems should upon confirmation by the lifeboat/davit, manufacturer be fitted with FPDs. If the lifeboat or davit manufacturer is no longer available, the advice of a qualified independent service provider be sought.Source: ClassNK

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Notice of Carriage of the solid bulk cargoes not listed in IMSBC Code

ClassNK - TEC 0889 ClassNK issues TEC-0889 regarding Notice of Carriage of the solid bulk cargoes which is not listed in IMSBC Code from the Singapore GovernmentThe Singapore Government has noticed (MARITIME AND PORT AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE SHIPPING CIRCULAR TO SHIPOWNERS NO.22 OF 2011) of the carriage of IRON ORE FINES which is not listed in IMSBC Code and the cargo may liquefy.For more information, click here.Source: ClassNK

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ClassNK Issues Certification for ECDIS Training Course and Manning Services Provided by the K LINE

Class NK also issues MLC Certification ClassNK announced yesterday that it had issued generic training course approval to an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) course offered by K Line Maritime Academy (Philippine) (KLMA (Phili)), a group company of Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. The approval, which certifies that this course complies with International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards and the leading classification society's new Standard for Maritime Education & Training, is the first of its kind issued by ClassNK in the Philippines.ClassNK also issued certification for seafarer recruitment and placement service providers in line with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006) to another member of the "K" LINE Group, Manila-based manning company Ventis Maritime Corporation (VMC). The approval confirms the company's conformance with the standards set forth in Regulation 1.4 (Recruitment and Placement) of the MLC 2006 which was adopted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 2006 to help ensure the safety and protect the rights of seafarers. New requirements for the installation of ECDIS systems are due to be phased in from July of this year. Under these requirements, it will become mandatory for vessels to use ECDIS as their primary means of navigation. In line with ...

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ClassNKmakes success through difficult years

Almost 23 mill gt was added to its register in 2011 Tokyo-based class society ClassNK claimed that almost 23 mill gt was added to its register in 2011.The announcement came following a meeting of the society's classification committee, which confirmed that 781 vessels totaling 22,666,948 gt were added to the ClassNK Register during 2011.This total far exceeded the previous record set in 2010 by over 3 mill gt.The committee also confirmed that the society had a total of 7,688 vessels totaling 194,540,871 gt on its register at the end of 2011. This represents a net increase of more than 15 mill gt, or a more than 8% increase over the society's year end figures for 2010.Reflecting on confirmation of another year of successful results, ClassNK chairman and president Noboru Ueda said; "2011 was a difficult year for the industry, with many feeling the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake. And yet, thanks to the unceasing efforts of our staff both in Japan and overseas, together with the strong support of the maritime community, ClassNK has managed to once again outdo itself with another set of impressive figures. As a result, the Society remains in a position of dominance as ...

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Special requirements for Life-saving appliances and Equipment

Onboard Marshall Islands flagged vessels ClassNK issues TEC- 0888 regarding Special requirements for Life-saving appliances and Equipment Onboard Marshall Islands flagged vessels as follows:The Marshall Islands Government has noticed ClassNK of the special requirements for Life-saving appliances and Equipment onboard Marshall Islands flagged vessels (Marine Notice No. 2-011-37).For your attention, sections of Marshall Islands Marine Notice 2-011-5 Rev.9/09 (Technical Information No.TEC-0796 dated 18 December 2009) related to lifeboat servicing, lifeboat damage, falls and equipment dispensations, lifeboat equipment dispensation have been relocated to this Notice accordingly.The requirement of the "On-Load Release Hook Evaluation and Replacement" in accordance with MSC.1/Circ.1392, "Secondary Safety System" and "Fall Preventer Devices" are specified additionally in this notice.For more information, click here.Source: ClassNK

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Class NK releases new free strength assessment software for container ships

Version 2.5 of Direct Strength Assessment Software for Container Carriers Free to Industry ClassNK announced the release of a new revised version, version 2.5.0, of its leading direct strength assessment program for container carriers, PrimeShip-HULL (DSA)/Guideline for Containers. The software, to be made available free of charge, contains new functions to improve usability as well as the strengthening of existing features.The release of this new version comes as designers and shipyards are looking for greater efficiency gains in the ship design process. "The workload of ship designers has increased as a result of the ever growing number of regulations and conventions. ClassNK sees the easing of such burdens and the improving of efficiency through IT products and services as a key goal of our Society," says ClassNK and President Noboru Ueda."This software is the product of the Society's many years of experience in both drawing approval and software development. ClassNK will continue to use this experience to further boost usability, upgrade overall performance, and develop powerful new functions."PrimeShip-HULL (DSA)/Guideline for Containers (Ver.2.5.0) is software, first released in 2003, designed to perform the direct calculations defined in this guideline. Using an FE model, users can easily execute complicated FEM analyses through ...

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ClassNK type approves single-coat ballast tank coating system

ClassNK has awarded type approval for the first alternative coating system ClassNK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) says it has awarded type approval under PSPC (Performance Standard for Protective Coatings) to the world's first alternative coating system for ballast tanks. The approval, the first of its type to be issued by any classification society, has been given to a single-coating system manufactured by Nippon Paint Marine Coatings Co., Ltd.Under PSPC, conventional epoxy coating systems are required to comprise two coatings. The standard does, though, have a provision that allows for alternative systems, such as the one approved by ClassNK, with only a single coating. A key function of the system developed by Nippon Paint Marine Coatings is the "SI (Self-Indicating)" feature whereby the color of the coating changes depending on its thickness. The application of this coating system to ships will begin upon confirmation from relevant administrations by ClassNK.The PSPC standard provides technical requirements for protective coatings in dedicated seawater ballast tanks of all type of ships of not less than 500 gross tonnage and double-side skin spaces arranged in bulk carriers of 150 m in length and upwards for which the building contract is placed, the keels of which are laid ...

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First Ever Statement of Fact for Tier III NOx Emissions for an SCR-equipped Diesel Engine

ClassNK issues Tier III NOx certification ClassNK announced that it had awarded its first ever Statement of Fact for Tier III nitrogen oxide (NOx) reductions to a marine diesel engine incorporating a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. The document, issued on 1 November 2011, verifies that the NOx emission measurement results for the engine, fitted with a pre-turbocharger SCR system developed by Hitachi Zosen Corporation, meets the NOx Tier III emission limits stipulated in amendments to Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973 (MARPOL).The engine in question was fitted as the propulsion system for MV "SANTA VISTA", a 37,800 dwt general cargo ship, built by Naikai Zosen Corporation for Nissho Shipping Co., Ltd., which entered service on 31 October 2011.Not only is this the first time that ClassNK has issued such a document for a marine diesel engine fitted with an SCR system, it is also the first statement of fact issued by the Society for Tier III NOx reduction compliance of any kind. SCR systems, currently a hot topic as industry looks for solutions to strengthening NOx regulation, offer the potential for independent reductions in emissions of more than the 80% required ...

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Special requirements for emergency escape breathing device re Bahamas flagged vessels

Class NK TEC - 0885 The Bahamian Government has notified ClassNK of special requirements for emergency escape breathing device(EEBD) on board the Bahamas flagged vessels as follows.1. SOLAS Chapter II-2 specifies the carriage requirement for EEBD in accommodation spaces as follows:(1) Cargo ships : Not less than two;(2) Passenger ships : Not less than two in each main vertical zone(3) Passenger ships carrying more than 36 passengers : In addition to the number specified in (2) above, not less than 2 in each main vertical zone.2. The number and location of EEBD to be provided in the machinery spaces is available in IMO Circular MSC/Circ.1081.3. All ships shall carry spare EEBDs that shall be located in a control station.The number of spares carried on board shall be as follows:(1) Cargo ships : 1 ;(2) Passenger ships : 2.4. Offshore units certified under the MODU Code, or modified MODU Code, or other alternative IMO Code shall be provided with EEBDs as if they were SOLAS certificated.5. In order to satisfy the SOLAS requirements for on-board training in the use of EEBDs, the vessel shall have either:(1) at least one separate EEBD clearly marked as designated for training, or(2) the onboard facility ...

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Confirmation of Periodical Surveys for Emergency Fire Pumps

ClassNK - TEC 0884 In recent years, there have been many reported cases of problems with Emergency Fire Pump, especially, self-priming pump and associated equipment that are direct result of poor maintenance.In many of these cases, the problems were so minor that they could have been easily avoided through performing simple maintenance on site.Emergency Fire Pumps are required to be promptly activated without fail in the event of a fire which means that they need to be kept in good working condition at all times.Therefore, relevant requirements of ClassNK Rules have been added regarding the maintenance of Emergency Fire Pumps on 30 June 2011, ClassNK would like to simply remind that confirmation of overhaul inspection record of the self priming pump and associated equipment, etc. of Emergency Fire Pumps and it is to be maintained in good working order are confirmed at periodical survey on or afterSource: ClassNK

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