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Hazardous occurrence related to unsafe navigation procedures

Challenges faced and Lessons to be learned Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP) has received a report regarding a collision avoidance occurence between an offshore support vessel and a tanker.Report text:"While standing by a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit, my offshore support vessel was steaming slowly (dodging) approximately North at around 2.5 knots. At the change of watch at 0900, a tanker of approximately 20,000 tonnes was noted steaming at approximately 14 knots on a heading of roughly south east which would have taken the vessel directly through the position of the rig. A radar plot was commenced and the actions of the tanker noted."Through a succession of small alterations of course to port, the tanker increased her CPA with the rig but consequently put her on a collision course with my vessel. The radar plot was maintained until the tanker was at a distance of 8 cables with a Closest Point of Approach (CPA) of 0.03 miles. I deemed that the tanker was taking no appreciable efforts to avoid collision and altered my course to starboard. The tanker then made a large alteration of course to port and I continued to turn under increased power until the tanker had passed ...

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