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Coronavirus affects charterparty agreements

Following the coronavirus outbreak, Philip Woodroffe Senior Claims Adviser, Lawyer, Arendal gave his insight on Gard, about the impacts of the virus upon the charteparty agreements, identifying several questions that each shipowner may have.

Charterparty issues may arise from coronavirus

With coronavirus crisis in China spreading ahead, shipping industry must be ready to face a possible infection of crewmembers, considering quarantine and closures, while be prepared for charterparty issues. In light of the situation, Hill Dickinson law firm outlined major issues that shipowners may have to deal with, based on previous outbreaks such as SARS and Ebola.

First draft gas tanker voyage charter party takes steps forward

A joint project from BIMCO and the Association of Ship Brokers & Agents to develop a standard gas tanker voyage charter party took a big step forward at a subcommittee meeting on 5-6 September. The target of the project is to develop a standard form for the chartering of tankers for LPG, anhydrous ammonia and chemical gases based on the tanker charter party, ASBATANKVOY.

Anti-technicality notice viewed from charterers’ perspective

As Skuld Club informs, issues regarding the service of anti-technicality notices and the withdrawal of ships are almost exclusively approached from a shipowners’ perspective. However, these issues are also related to charterers both in terms of contractual rights and the protections afforded charterers when experiencing unreasonable attempts to withdraw.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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