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What tops the maritime agenda: Decarbonization and technology lead to new challenges

As a dynamic industry, the maritime environment undergoes continuous transformation, demanding evolution in all fronts. During the last CAREER4SEA Forum, speakers of a dedicated panel focused on the industry’s key challenges and top priorities, emphasizing that while decarbonization is a crucial concern, it shouldn’t overshadow other important issues on the agenda. 

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Creating an attractive working environment: What it takes for shipping

The maritime sector is evolving, creating opportunities for the younger generation to actively participate and fostering an environment that champions diversity, equality, and inclusiveness. During the last CAREER4SEA Forum, speakers of a dedicated panel discussed how the industry can meet the expectations of the young generations to attract, retain, and develop future crews.

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Shipping Now & Tomorrow: Key trends shaping the future of shipping

As digitalization continues to evolve, the shipping industry faces ongoing challenges, including keeping pace with technology, adapting to changes and meeting the growing demands of stricter regulations. To respond to these developments successfully, industry requires a diverse, multidisciplinary, and well-trained workforce and a strategy to attract new talents, agreed experts of 2021 CAREER4SEA Forum.

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