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Career Paths: James Wilkes, Gray Page

Mr. James Wilkes, Managing Director, Gray Page explains how he joined maritime industry and what makes his current role exciting. ‘Treat people as you would wish to be treated’ is the best advice he has ever heard, reminding him that respect and kindness are the most important elements to step his career forward.

Career Paths: Silje Bareksten, Nor-Shipping

Mrs. Silje Bareksten, Head of Sustainability and Technology at Nor-Shipping admits that she really enjoys her current role in helping to steer the shipping industry towards more socially responsible and sustainable practices.

Career Paths: Tore Morten Olsen, Marlink Group

Mr. Tore Morten Olsen, President of Marlink Group, says digitalization brings many benefits to maritime industry and explains how he decided to join the area of satellite communications. Satellite communications technology and the maritime marketplace are fluid, Mr Olsen notes, therefore investment in continuous learning is required to keep pace with all developments

Career Paths: Connie Roozen, C&B More

In our special column, we are delighted to host an interview with Mrs. Connie Roozen who has founded her own tax law firm, C&B More, specialized in the maritime industry. Mrs Roozen explains us how she decided to join the industry while as an active member of WISTA she advocates for diversification in shipping

Career Paths: Capt. Fared Khan, Wallem Ship Management

Capt. Khan,  who is particularly passionate about the topics of seafarer safety and wellness, is excited to work for Wallem, an organization which supports seafarers to perform every voyage safely and efficiently without losing focus on their wellbeing.  

Career Paths: Diane Gilpin, Smart Green Shipping Alliance

In our special column, we are delighted to host an interview with Mrs. Diane Gilpin, Founder/ CEO, Smart Green Shipping Alliance (SGSA), who inspire us to always invest in our curiosity and dedicate time to listening without judgement and building strong relationships.

Career Paths: Yves Vandenborn, The Standard Club

Capt. Vandenborn advises us to study as much as we can at a young age and always try to keep balance between personal and business life. Working on Club’s Human Element publication has helped him to understand a lot how people think and make decisions, he noted, concluding that seafarers need more realistic training and drills in order to instinctively know how to react in an emergency. 

Career Paths: Kjersti Kleven, SEA Europe

This time in our special column, we are delighted to host an interview with Mrs Kjersti Kleven , co-owner and Chair of the Board of the Norwegian shipbuilding group KLEVEN. Being also chair of SEA Europe, she has the opportunity to meet qualified and interesting people and voice her arguments on the importance of maritime technology industry for Europe, she said.

Career Paths: John Jorgensen, ABS

After years of experience, Mr. John Jorgensen notes that a standard coverage of security in training is what is currently missing from the industry. Through his career, Mr. Jorgensen has advocated for industry certifications in security which is something worthwhile as they provide an organized way for business toward security and the capability to put security processes or functions into place.

Career Paths: Carleen Lyden Walker, NAMEPA

Mrs. Carleen Lyden Walker has a dynamic presence in the industry and an outstanding career, receiving recognition for her active role in NAMEPA toward a sustainable marine environment; thus, we are very happy to host an interview with her this time on our Career Paths special column!

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