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Career Paths: Jenny N. Braat, Danish Maritime

Mrs Braat advises us to identify which education really suits to each individual to accomplish much more and avoid making decisions without thinking about the future. For  the maritime industry, she would like to see a change in perception; collaboration and responsibility are needed toward industry’s rapid developments. 

Career Paths: Annette Stube, A.P. Moller – Maersk

Having a 20-year experience with corporate sustainability and being influenced by the Head of Sustainability and Innovation at Nike, Mrs. Stube is feeling very privileged to work with Maersk, due to its ‘vast reach and strong leadership mindset’.

Career Paths: Despina Theodosiou, Tototheo Maritime

Mrs Theodosiou shares one of the best advice she has ever received which has helped her since the beggining of her career, while when someone once told her to ‘give it up’ she refused to take these words into consideration. To the opposite, ‘be ambitious, decide what you want to do and pursue it’, are worthwhile beliefs.

Career Paths: Lena Gothberg, Shipping Podcast

Although she started her career in industry by coincidence, Mrs Göthberg admits that shipping has gained her interest due to its people, the international business environment and its global reach.

Career Paths: Karin Orsel, MF Shipping Group

Mrs. Karin Orsel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), MF Shipping Group notes that industry needs a different approach on issues related to Human Element, both onboard and ashore. Although she joined the shipping industry by coincidence, she would love to do it all over again; with the same steps and mistakes because learning from failure is a key to success.

Career Paths: Dorothea Ioannou, American Club

SAFETY4SEA is pleased to announce “Career Paths” column, which is both featured in monthly SAFETY4SEA Log magazine and online, hosting industry experts who present briefly an overview of their personal path towards their goals and objectives.

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