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Career Paths: Jordan Wylie, Be Cyber Aware At Sea

Mr Wylie would ignore an advice which discourages anyone from trying. However, as he mentions, it is always important to deal with the things you can control for good mental health and well being. In the maritime industry, he has been lobbying for stricter regulations related to floating armouries.

Career Paths: Rod Lingard, Thomas Miller

Citing his personal experience, Mr. Lingard, who studied for an MBA in his 40s, insists that we are never too old for knowledge and names few of the many influential persons that he had the chance to meet.

Career Paths: Frank Coles, Transas

What are a few unique pieces of career advice that nobody ever mentions?  What are actually beneficial to a career? Who is the most influential mentor to you? These and more we ask people of a noteworthy career to share their views and tips for an ideal path into maritime business.

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