Thursday, October 21, 2021

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LR designs a pathway to a zero-carbon shipping industry

Lloyd’s Register (LR) will launch a new study looking at how shipping can be made a ‘zero-carbon industry’. According to LR's statement, the study will be issued on January 29, and is a part of its  Low Carbon Pathways 2050 Series. LR noted that in order to achieve at least a 50% reduction in CO2 by 2050, it is of a great importance for Zero-emission vessels (ZEVs) to enter the fleet around 2030. 

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NASA to explore oceans carbon cycle

A large team of scientists, equipped with advanced underwater robotics and two research vessels, will set sail for the northeastern Pacific Ocean this August. NASA and the National Science Foundation will study the lifecycle of small organisms that play a critical role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and in the ocean’s carbon cycle.

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Carbon transition triggers increasing risk for global oil refiners

The coming decades seem to hide significant carbon transition risks for global oil refiners, as a tightening regulatory environment and technological changes impact demand, according to Moody's Investors Service. Oil consumption is responsible for more than 30% of carbon emissions globally, making oil refineries and the consumption of refined products key targets for carbon reduction policies.

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