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Do you know how many ranks and duties exist onboard? 

Seafaring is a profession that requires ranks and duties to be specific, so that everyone onboard will know what to do, as several procedures have to be conducted at the same time; Thus, each one of these roles carries unique responsibilities which are crucial for the successful operation of a vessel.

Cargo ship sinks off Vietnam, Captain dies

The Captain of the Vietnamese-flagged general cargo ship Toan Phat 68 died after the ship reportedly sank in South China sea, a few nautical miles off the Qui Nhon port in central Vietnam, in the morning hours of Saturday.

Petition to release captain arrested in Mexico

The Secretary General of InterManager, Captain Kuba Szymanski, is calling everyone to sign a petition concerning the release of Captain Andrzej Lasota, who was arrested by Mexican authorities on Monday, August 5.  Captain Andrzej Lasota was arrested for allegedly being unaware of the ship carrying prohibited substances to Mexico, placing the lives and health of the country’s citizens at risk.

Captain dies after fire breaks out on board carrier off Brazil

Fire erupted on board the Greek-flagged carrier ‘Ore Sudbury’, in Guaiba, Brazil, on November 22. As the Hellenic Coast informed, due to the fire, the Captain died, while the rest of the crew are reported as safe. No pollution has been noticed neither.

TSB issues report on Captain fatality onboard Sage Amazon

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB) issued an investigation report on the Captain fatality onboard the bulk carrier ‘Sage Amazon’ while at the Port-Daniel–Gascons, in Quebec, in March 2018. The Captain’s death was caused by a cardiac event that led to his fall from ladder. 

Final conviction for the Captain of Thorco Lineage

The Captain of the Philippines-flagged general cargo ship ‘Thorco Lineage’, which ran aground in French Polynesia in June 2018, has received a final conviction after initially appealing the sentence. The captain was sentenced for failing to communicate the engine failure.

STCW: How to obtain a certificate of competency as Master

With respect to masters, the STCW Convention clarifies which requirements concerning previous certificate & seagoing service, education & training and age should be met for masters serving on ships of 3,000 gt or 500 — 3,000 gt or less than 500 gt and the table in the end summarizes all mentioned requirements.

Master overboard fatality linked to his emotional state

The Marine Accident Investigation Committee (MAIC) of Cyprus issued an investigation report on the fatality of the Master of the bulk carrier ‘Evnia’, after falling into the sea from a rope ladder, while the ship was berthed in Chittagong Port, Bangladesh, in June 2018. 


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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