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New Diamond Master pleads guilty to two charges

The Captain of the crude oil tanker ‘MT New Diamond’ plead guilty for the charges filed against him, related to the fire that broke out on the ship. The Colombo High Court has also imposed a fine of Rs 12 million on the Captain. 

Leadership at sea: What makes a great Captain

Leadership, as a special component of safe operations at sea, is a skill resulting from a complex combination of mindset characteristics which can be learned, argues Capt. VS Parani, naming the key features he believes to be the most critical for a great leader at sea.

USCG searches for bulk carrier’s missing master

The Coast Guard along with the Air Force and several regional authorities are searching for the captain of the Panamanian-flagged merchant vessel “Rising Wind”. Specifically, the 47-year old mariner reported to be missing by the first officer on 12 Ferbuary, at 174 miles northwest of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia.

Do you know how many ranks and duties exist onboard? 

Seafaring is a profession that requires ranks and duties to be specific, so that everyone onboard will know what to do, as several procedures have to be conducted at the same time; Thus, each one of these roles carries unique responsibilities which are crucial for the successful operation of a vessel.

Cargo ship sinks off Vietnam, Captain dies

The Captain of the Vietnamese-flagged general cargo ship Toan Phat 68 died after the ship reportedly sank in South China sea, a few nautical miles off the Qui Nhon port in central Vietnam, in the morning hours of Saturday.

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