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Watch: Livestock carrier capsizes with 14,600 sheep onboard

The livestock carrier “QUEEN HIND” overturned in Midia Port, Romania on 24th November with approximately 14,600 sheep and 22 crewmembers on board. Rescuers of the military, the police and some divers teamed up and made their efforts to face this tragedy. Until now, all of the vessel’s personnel along with 33 ships have been rescued, with the rest feared to be drowned.

Alexander L. Kielland: Norway’s worst offshore disaster

As part of its ‘Learn from the past’ series, SAFETY4SEA is focusing today on the fatal capsizing of the oil platform Alexander L. Kielland in the North Sea, the worst disaster in Norwegian offshore history since World War II. Losing one of its five legs amid a storm, the platform took lives of 123 people.

Improperly manufactured keel leads yacht to capsize

UK MAIB has published its report on the UK registered charter yacht, Tyger of London, whose keel failed suddenly on 7 December 2017 and the yacht capsized. The crew, all wearing lifejackets, were thrown into the water and rescued by the British Army yacht, St Barbara V.

Container vessel capsizes in Vietnam

A container ship carrying 285 containers capsized in the early hours of the morning of Saturday, October 19, on the Long Tau River, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Local media report that just before the midnight of Friday, October 18, the pilot notified the local VTS center of an issue occurred with a container. The 132-meter (433-foot), 657 TEUs VietSun Integrity vessel listed shortly after that and sank almost two hours later.

Watch: Factors and recovering methods for girding incidents

Between 2005 and 2018, the TSB received reports of 26 girding situations resulting in 21 capsizings. Girding occurs when a vessel is pulled broadside by a towline force and is unable to manoeuver out of this position. The TSB created this video to illustrate the factors leading to girding and the recovery methods.

Tug capsizes due to lack of training and oversight

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada discusses a capsize incident, where the George H Ledcor was towing another barge and resulted to the former’s capsize.The event resulted to a seriously injured crewmember and an unknown quantity of oil spill. 

3 fishermen rescued after ship capsizes off Egmont Key

A good Samaritan rescued three fishermen on September 18, after their boat capsized around 45 miles west of Egmont Key. They were later transported to Station St. Petersburg where they were released in good condition. A marine casualty investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the ship capsizing.

Salvage centre launched for Golden Ray carrier

The USCG launched a Unified Command and Joint Information Centre to be responsible for the salvage of the vehicle carrier ‘Golden Ray’, which capsized on Sunday, September 8. Their priorities are to ensure the safety of the public and responders, protect wildlife and the environment, ensure economical activities in the area of the incident are lightly affected and the eventual salvage and safe removal of the vessel.

Watch: Vehicle capsizes, four crewmembers missing

As the vehicle carrier ‘Golden Ray’ capsized in St. Simons Sound, Brunswick, Georgia, four of its crewmembers went missing; Thus, the USCG, along with the help of the vessel’s master and the chief engineer, are conducting search and rescue operations to stabilize the vessel and find the remaining crew.


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