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Damen partners with three BWT system suppliers

Damen Shipyards announced that it has established three strategic partnership agreements with major Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) system suppliers. With over 60.000 vessels to be retrofitted in the near future there is a need to coordinate and ensure cost effective implementation and life cycle support. With the large number of vessels to be retrofitted, there will be subsequent supply problems for BWT equipment, engineering and class in a booming market. Damen has chosen to include BWT systems manufactured by its strategic retrofit partners: Trojan Marinex, Bio-UV, and Evoqua Water Technologies. All BWT systems of these partners are IMO type approved and are USCG AMS accepted. Based on the vessels characteristics, operational requirements and customers preference Damen BWT experts will select the most appropriate BWT technology for retrofitting. By working with the selected partners, Damen can provide retrofit packages for all vessel types. Damen BWT experts use 3D scan techniques to create a customized engineering package. Installation of a BWTS can be done at one of the Damen Shiprepair & Conversion shipyards conveniently located worldwide. Systems can also be installed at a customer selected non-Damen yard or during operation. By using 3D scan techniques to create a custom engineering package, Damen ...

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Italy can put the EU’s maritime climate proposals back on track

The Danish Shipowners' Association expects the new Italian presidency to take the lead in the implementation of the EU's MRV proposals, which will restrict CO2 emissions for shipping. Italy took over the EU presidency from Greece on 1 July, and the Danish shipping industry has great expectations of both the Italians and, naturally, the new parliament, which will get started in earnest after the summer holidays. Italy's tenure marks the beginning of a new presidency trio, consisting of Italy (1 July 2014), Latvia (1 January 2015) and Luxembourg (1 July 2015) respectively. This means that the Italian presidency will set the course for the Council's programme for the next 18 months. For many, the summer has been dominated by the football World Cup. But the Italians in particular must have had plenty of opportunity to prepare themselves for taking on their new EU responsibilities because, as you know, they checked out of the World Cup early in mid-June, following the first round of matches. But there are now also even stronger professional reasons for the Danish shipping industry's great expectations. Apart from putting innovation, competitiveness and employment on the agenda, the Italian presidency also wants to focus more closely on ...

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Hyde Marine partners on BWTS retrofits

Hyde Marine announced it has launched an agreement with Goltens Green Technologies division to help shipowners determine how to best fit the chemical free Hyde GUARDIAN Gold Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) onto their existing vessels. Hyde Marine's partnership with Goltens will allow shipowners to benefit from precision 3D laser scanning and modeling, which helps eliminate complications during the BWTS installation process on existing vessels. Laser scanning provides an accurate and efficient solution for fitting BWT systems onboard and mitigates risks associated with manual measurement and fabrication onboard. Hyde Marine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Calgon Carbon Corporation, is one of the world's fastest growing ballast water treatment (BWT) technology companies. It will work with Goltens' six green stations worldwide for the engineering of the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold ballast water treatment process, which uses efficient filtration and ultraviolet disinfection to treat ships' ballast water to prevent the spread of invasive species from port to port. Goltens' Green stations include locations in Oslo, Miami, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, and in Groningen, Netherlands, where the green division is based. The division is an operating unit of Goltens, a service organization that enables shipowners to minimize downtime via diesel services, in-situ machining, and by implementing ...

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Hyde Marine make agreements for BWTS installations

Hyde Marine announced it has established two partnership agreements for installation of the chemical free Hyde GUARDIAN Gold Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) for international markets. Hyde Marine is partnering with Grand Bahama Shipyard (GBS) for installation of the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS, for vessels docking at the yard. The system uses efficient filtration and ultraviolet disinfection to treat ships' ballast water to prevent the spread of invasive species from port to port. GBS, based in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, is one of the largest ship repair companies in the region with three floating docks for the drydocking and repair of all types of oceangoing vessels, and all the necessary support services required to perform complex repair, upgrade and conversion projects. Additionally, Hyde Marine announced an installation agreement for the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS with UK-based Cardiff Craftsmen LTD, an established ship repair and marine engineering company specializing in maintenance solutions to the marine & offshore industry on a worldwide basis. Cardiff Craftsmen's recent expansion, including the launch of a service center in the U.S., as well as deploying representation in Singapore, provides Hyde Marine with an increased concentration on Far East and Australian markets. "Aligning our installation efforts with the ...

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Damen to unveil mobile BWT unit at Posidonia

Damen Shipyards Group is set to unveil a new mobile ballast water treatment (BWT) unit at the Posidonia exhibition in Athens next week. Developed in-house, the fully containerised, mobile Damen InvaSave BWT unit provides ship owners with a cost-effective alternative to retrofitting fixed BWT systems. Damen has also developed the world's first mobile treatment vessel to operate in ports and support ship deballasting operations. The first of these customized Damen barges, fitted with Damen InvaSave units, is now under construction for service in the Dutch ports of Eemshaven and Delfzijl. One of the most important (financial) partners in this project is the ‘Waddenfonds', the organisation focusing on the preservation of the ‘Waddensea', which is listed as a protected UNESCO world heritage site. Gert Jan Oude Egberink, Damen Manager Ballast Water Treatment, comments: "We have been looking into what we can do to help our customers regarding ballast water treatment and finding alternatives for those owners that may not want to retrofit a ballast water treatment system, perhaps because their ships operate on fixed routes or their ships are too old and make the investment in a system prohibitively expensive. Ports may also need to provide back-up, in case a ship's ...

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Australia says that cutting shipping levy will save industry $9 million a year

The Australian Government has announced that it will reduce the rate of the Protection of the Sea levy. The decision will take effect from 1 July 2014 and will save ships visiting Australian ports around $9 million a year. Removing the 2010 hike in the levy on ships entering ports will ease the cost of doing business in Australia and will put downward pressure on prices for consumers. The former Labor Government increased the levy for shipping companies from 11.25 cents per net registered tonne to 14.25 cents to meet part of the cost of cleaning up the oil spill from the Pacific Adventurer, which occurred off the south east coast of Queensland in March 2009. Since those costs have been more than met, the Coalition Government can reverse that increase. The three cent reduction in the levy will help to tackle the competitive challenges the shipping industry faces. The levy applies to ships of more than 24 metres in length entering an Australian port carrying more than 10 tonnes of oil in bulk as fuel or cargo. It is payable quarterly and is used by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority to fund the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies. ...

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Total and CNOOC in LNG partnership

Total has issued a press release to announce the signature of an LNG Cooperation Agreement strengthening the partnership between Total and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). Under the terms of an existing 15 year contract, Total has been supplying China with up to 1 million tons per year of LNG since 2010. In addition to agreeing on a price review regarding this existing supply, the parties have set a framework for an additional supply of 1 million tons per year of LNG as well as further cooperation throughout the LNG value chain. Total already supplies more than 8% of the Chinese market, with 5 million tons of LNG already delivered between 2010 and 2014. In the coming years the Group will benefit from additional supply sources in Australia, Russia and the US, complementing existing Middle East and African sources, in order to respond to China's growing LNG demand. "As a world leader in LNG, Total seeks to strengthen its position in Asia's growing LNG markets, where China is among the largest players with 20% annual growth. This new agreement allows us to expand our LNG supply and reinforces our cooperation with Chinese companies", outlined Yves-Louis Darricarrère, President Total Upstream. ...

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Award for Collaborative Ship Design Tools and participation in SMARTYards

In October last year, Conoship Naval Architect Jan van der Zee won the VNSI Wim Timmersprijs award for his graduation work ‘Collaborative Design Tools'. At this moment, data exchange between ship design applications is often done manually, which takes a lot of time and is prone to errors. Based on technologies developed in national research project Innovero, van der Zee created a connection between a ship stability application and a CAD-system to overcome these issues. Based on a neutral data-exchange format, ship design data is exchanged real-time between the applications by means of an internet connection. These techniques make it possible to decrease the time of creating and updating design drawings such as the General Arrangement and Tank Arrangement and also the stability model to perform (damage) stability calculations with. This results in the possibility to perform critical calculations like damage stability earlier in the design process, showing any bottlenecks earlier and makes it possible to optimize the design earlier in the design process. The technology can either be used on a local computer, in a Local Area Network, or globally over the internet, thereby taking a step towards ‘collaborative design'. A concept which is already widely used in the ...

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New Assessment Tools Help Maximise ROI for Port Investors and Operators

BMT Asia Pacific (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd has launched two comprehensive tools for assessing port competition and managing commercial risk. The Port Choice Model and Port 360° evaluate the competitive advantage of a given port within its environment. Developed by BMT following years of academic research and professional consultancy assisting governments and stakeholders, the tools uniquely apply both quantitative and qualitative methodology and measure a spectrum of criteria, defined by leading economists and technical port experts. With the growing complexity of the port sector, BMT recognised the need to assess competition with greater, critical scrutiny. Typical market share studies draw on historical market share data, distance, or travel time estimates, but BMT's assessment tools are designed to take analyses a few steps further. "What investors need to know today is how the distribution dynamics of cargo - from ocean to hinterland - will impact future profits," notes Dr. Richard Colwill, Managing Director, BMT Asia Pacific.  "Ultimately we are looking to help clients invest wisely, and in today's dynamic investment market this has never been more important." The time and cost items of BMT's Port Choice Model include trucking time and cost from factory to port, average waiting ...

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Carnival Corporation and MTN sign agreement for Internet services

MTN Communications announced that Carnival Corporation has signed a new agreement for the provision of Internet services to its guests and crew. The agreement covers several Carnival Corporation brands, including Princess Cruises, Cunard and P&O Cruises (UK), and will enable MTN to continue a partnership of more than 20 years in delivering crew welfare and passenger solutions to Carnival. Carnival has also extended its existing agreement for MTN broadcast television services, MTN Worldwide TV, which provides a wide range of television content including news and entertainment to 50 of its ships across the globe. In addition, Carnival Corporation brands in Alaskan waters will continue to leverage MTN's Terrestrial Broadband Services while in port, with the opportunity to explore the possible expansion of this service. "MTN and the Carnival family of brands have partnered for more than 20 years," said Chris Leber, executive vice president, commercial business development, MTN. "Our continued partnership providing MTN value-added services further illustrates how we have evolved to deliver communications-related services to the Carnival family of brands and to help improve the communications experience at sea, including content and Internet options for passengers and crew." "This continued partnership with MTN allows us to deliver the industry's ...

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