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ABS issues amended guide on ballast water treatment

ABS launched its amended “Guide for Ballast Water Treatment” in order to include provisions from the Code for Approval of Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS Code) (2018) and other supporting IMO documents.

USCG grants 14th BWMS Type Approval Certificate

The US Coast Guard Marine Safety Centre issued the 14th Coast Guard Ballast Water Management System type approval certificate to Panasia Co., Ltd., for its GloEn-Patrol BWMS. It also received the 22nd application from Semb-Eco LUV U1 Ballast Water Management System manufactured by Semb-Eco Pte, Ltd. 

The ‘ballast free’ concept for tankers explained

Ballast water is a traditional way to improve the stability, propulsion and manoeuvrability of a vessel. Nevertheless, it comes with some downsides which may be ecological as well as economical. So, what can be done to improve this? The answer may lies at removing ballast water systems altogether, adopting ballast free ships.

BWT market becoming more mature

During his presentation at the last GREEN4SEA Conference, Mr. Juha Kiukas, Sales Director, Trojan Marinex, noted that ballast water testing is expensive and time consuming and consolidation in BWTS market will accelerate. He referred to recent USCG policy letter regarding inoperable systems and clarified that lack of consumables does not meet the ”stops of operating properly” clause and also ships with inoperable BWT system due to BWT system makers bankruptcy and non-availability of spare parts or chemicals will not receive special consideration.

WISTA Hellas Annual Forum discusses shipping’s challenges

The WISTA Hellas 2017 Annual Forum, which took place on 27 November, at Intercontinental Hotel in Athens, included discussions focusing on the current and future challenges that may affect the shipping industry and on how ship owners can cope with these challenges to move forward.

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