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Do you know what the bulbous bow is for?

Ships are extraordinary designs, which even with just their size can amaze. But there is one specific element of a ship’s design that stands out, and what is more, not many know what it does exactly. We are talking of course, about the bulbous bow. The bulbous bow is that strange protrusion at the ships’ forward end, sticking out below the water. It serves a very important role for the ship, and in this article we are going to analyze it. Disclaimer: The article contains a little bit of maths, but don’t worry we will keep it simple.

MOL’s windshield installed on bow reduces CO2 by 2%

MOL confirmed that its wind resistance-reducing windshield for containerships reduces emissions of carbon dioxide by an average of 2%, after completing a in-service demonstration. The windshield, co-developed by MOL, was installed on the bow of its operated containership, MOL Marvel, for the demonstration test.

EBH Namibia completes leading-edge bulbous bow project

Walvis Bay-based Elgin Brown & Hamer Namibia undertook the repair of a collision-damaged bulbous bow of an oil product tanker, the Huascar. When a vessel needs to be repaired, the time taken by the shipyard to complete the project is critical, as every day that it is out of commission could potentially result in substantial lost revenue.


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