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Building Resilience: Self-care is not selfish, it’s a necessity!

People are often reluctant to prioritize their self-care because it is in their nature to put others first. Here is a way to re-frame this: it’s not about you. You need to prioritize self-care because you have people depending on you. Meaningful self-care includes making mindful changes in patterns of thoughts and behaviours that do not contribute to your wellbeing.

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Building Resilience: Respect yourself and others when using the Internet

Internet is a vital component for every seafarer, in order to make their time onboard ship more enjoyable. Communication with family and friends, podcasts, and entertaining videos, are only some of the actions internet provides to crew. However, while being online, all individuals must advocate positive behavior. This means to stand up for peers online, report cases of cyber bullying, and watch out what they post in social media.

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