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Gabon: Warning of fake officials attempting to board ships

The Britannia P&I Club informed of a recent fraud incident, where Local Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) boarded a ship in Gabon and presented a fine against the ship, but it was proven that they were not in fact PSC officers.

Intertanko raises concern on uncharted terminals in China

As the Britannia P&I Club informs, Intertanko has recently received a number of reports from its members regarding uncharted terminals in Chinese ports after a request for feedback. The association has called the Chinese authorities to mitigate the issue. Hydrographic inaccuracies and the non-marking of existing terminals on charts raise serious navigational risks.

Caution required over record low temperatures in North China

North China is experiencing record low temperatures this season, and specially low temperatures in the past 2 weeks, posing a threat to safe navigation due to icy sea condition in the area. The key ports affected are those in the Liaodong Bay area, from Dalian to Huludao, Panjin, Bayuquan, Jinzhou and Dandong.

Ukraine: Warning of fraudulent ecological inspections

The Britannia P&I Club warns of people pretending to be ecological inspectors threatening ships in the ports of Odessa and Ilyichevsk. There were two cases last week when ecological inspectors, using fraudulent and unlawful means, tried to make the masters of the ships give them samples of segregated ballast

Britannia Club warns careless sampling costs money

It is the ship’s responsibility to draw the required sample. A single cargo tank claim could be very costly, but a claim for multiple tanks or the entire cargo could run into many millions of dollars. The Britannia P&I Club highlights that it is important samples to be collected, sealed, labelled and recorded in line with company procedures.

US Sanctions Update

The Britannia P&I Club has issued an article regarding the current 26 US sanctions programmes administered by OFAC


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