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No-deal Brexit to affect UK ports, says UK document

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was pressured from the UK Parliament to publish the ‘Yellohammer contingency plan’ which presents the projected impact of a no-deal Brexit on the British economy and transport system. 

Reimagining Maritime Boundaries in a Digital Age

Adm. (USCG Ret) Thad William Allen notes that we are living in a digital age and therefore industry needs to tackle with new and emerging issues. Earlier this year leaders from the Hellenic and American shipping communities came together in Athens to discuss current issues and exchange views to promote safer, smarter, greener, optimized, innovative, and sustainable shipping. 

Lack of no-deal Brexit trade agreements could cost UK $2 billion

UNCTAD issued a study concerning the alleged no-deal Brexit, highlighting that the UK as a member of the EU, participates in approximately 40 agreements along with market access to about 70 countries, which may stop having access to after the no-deal Brexit. The UNCTAD research notes that if these agreements are not concluded by exit day, it would cost the U.K. economy almost $2 billion in exports.

British ports welcome funds but want an agreement between UK and EU

After the announcement that the UK Government has opened a new grants scheme for infrastructure modifications at ports in preparation for a ‘no deal’ Brexit, the British Ports Association has welcomed the funding but suggested that at this late stage a deal was the best way to prevent possible disruptions at the border.

How the Port of Antwerp prepares for Brexit

The newly appointed British ambassador Martin Shearman visited the Port of Antwerp, figuring Brexit high on the agenda. According to the Port, the uncertainty over Brexit continues, and there will be radical changes in the transport of goods between the EU and the UK. The Port of Antwerp also expects a modal shift from ferry to container transport by short-sea shipping.

UK should provide assurances over no-deal Brexit, Nautilus says

With a no-deal Brexit on 31 October looking increasingly possible, Nautilus general secretary Mark Dickinson has urgently requested ‘detailed assurances’ from the UK government that British maritime professionals will not be significantly affected.

Port of Cork doubles size of customs facilities ahead of Brexit

The Port of Cork announced that it has doubled the size of its customs facilities, in preparation for the likelihood that the UK will depart the European Union (EU) with a no-deal Brexit, on October 31st, 2019. The Port concluded that if the UK leaves the EU single market and customs union without an agreement it is possible that more intensive checks and declarations will be needed.

UK announces extra funds to port regions to prepare for Brexit

Preparing for Brexit on October 31, the UK government has allocated extra funding to port regions to help them deal with delays. The allocation is an additional $6 million, with some saying that it is too little and too late to make a difference, in case of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.


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