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IG: How to export goods from UK to EU

TT Club provides information on how to export and trade goods between the UK and the EU amid Brexit, as many are the changes that followed after Britain’s exit.

BPA responds to Brexit worst-case scenario

Following a letter by the chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove noting potential issues for freight traffic after the Brexit transition period, the British Ports Association responded to reasonable worst-case scenario assumptions.

UK prepares for failure of a free trade deal with EU

UK will be comfortable with ending the talks on a free-trade deal with the EU, if they do not produce a result before an upcoming EU summit scheduled for October 15, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce Monday. 

BIFA considers non-extension of Brexit transition period a “risky” move

As UK and EU negotiations concerning Brexit started during this week, the British International Freight Association argues that UK government’s decision to not extend the 11-month transition period, is a risky move. For the records, EU shipping had expressed its aim to maintain its trade relationship with the UK several months ago.

UK: Possibility of fishermen facing trading friction with EU

The UK’s Environment Secretary, George Eustice, reported that British firms exporting their fish out of the country will experience some friction after the post-Brexit transmission period. Mr Eustice noted that the UK has increased its patrols in UK waters to enforce access to its waters, also by hiring vessels from private companies and deciding not to mothball some old Royal Navy boats at the end of their service.

How clandestine migration leads to cargo contamination

Clandestine migration is an issue that attracts interest these days, with TT Club informing that except border disruptions, this issue poses a great risk of contamination and damage to goods. Now, 2019 closed with surging numbers concerning clandestine migration with each Brexit deadline, as smugglers anticipated the border becoming more secure after Brexit.

Brexit unlikely to hamper UK and EU oil and gas ties

Brexit is to bring changes to the UK economy but it is unlikely to hamper the strong industry ties that currently exist between the UK and the EU in the field of oil and gas, says data and analytics company GlobalData. The UK oil and gas industry relies heavily on EU.

Port town of Calais aims to leverage Brexit to its benefit

Authorities in Calais are pressing the French government to establish a duty-free zone for British shoppers that would cover the entire port town in northern France, in case a future trade deal between the UK and the EU returns to trade tariffs.

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