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UK should provide assurances over no-deal Brexit, Nautilus says

With a no-deal Brexit on 31 October looking increasingly possible, Nautilus general secretary Mark Dickinson has urgently requested ‘detailed assurances’ from the UK government that British maritime professionals will not be significantly affected.

UK Chamber discusses Certificates of Competency with Shipping Minister

The UK Chamber and trade union Nautilus International met with UK’s Shipping Minister Nusrat Ghani last week to discuss the recognition of UK Certificates of Competency following the UK’s departure from the European Union. UK Chamber CEO, Bob Sanguinetti, said that the Minister is committed to guarantee that UK seafarers will still be able to work for EU operators.

ECSA, ETF urge for action on seafarers certification after Brexit

The European Social Partners for the maritime sector, including the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) stressed potential Brexit implications, related to the possible preclusion of seafarers who hold Certificates of Competency (CoCs) issued in the UK under STCW.

UK Chamber of Shipping: No-Deal Brexit could impact UK seafarers

On Thursday, September 13, the UK Government published another 28 technical notices, which advise on how potential disruption from a no-deal exit from the European Union can be minimised. Now, the UK Chamber of Shipping said that a No-Deal Brexit could potentially inconvenience operators of UK-flagged ships.

Nautilus International asks about Brexit impact on UK seafarers

The Union urged UK shipping minister John Hayes to request urgent clarification, regarding the action that is being taken by the UK to ensure that British seafarers will still be able to work on ships registered in other EU member states on the basis of their UK training and qualifications.

Budget omission disappointment for UK seafarers, says Nautilus

The UK’s shipping industry is battling a significant decline in seafarer numbers and there is danger of that figure shrinking even further without intervention, especially in the post -Brexit environment, according to Nautilus International.

UK maritime sector highlighted ahead of Brexit

As discussions over the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union get under way, Brexit negotiators have been reminded of the importance of the country’s maritime sector in negotiations and the need to provide enhanced seafarer employment and training, Nautilus International informed.

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