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Gibraltar extends port facilities in case of no-deal Brexit

Gibraltar has extended port facilities to be able to handle more ships carrying goods in case Britain leaves the EU without an agreement, the British territory’s maritime minister said on Friday. There have been concerns that Gibraltar’s open land border with Spain would be affected by Brexit.

2020 sulphur cap could raise costs significantly for shipping, report says

In its 2019 Global Container Shipping Outlook, AlixPartners say that the trade between the US and China, the tariffs imposed because of that, and Brexit will disrupt the container shipping industry throughout the course of 2019. As for the industry as a whole, it could be looking at as much as $10 billion in additional exposure, according to 2018 prices.

Greek Shipowners advise IMO to ensure future-fuel compatibility

London-based Greek shipowners have urged the IMO to bring together oil companies, marine equipment makers and classification societies to guarantee fuels created to comply with 2020 environmental rules do not damage engines and cause accidents. 

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