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IG: How to export goods from UK to EU

TT Club provides information on how to export and trade goods between the UK and the EU amid Brexit, as many are the changes that followed after Britain’s exit.

BIFA considers non-extension of Brexit transition period a “risky” move

As UK and EU negotiations concerning Brexit started during this week, the British International Freight Association argues that UK government’s decision to not extend the 11-month transition period, is a risky move. For the records, EU shipping had expressed its aim to maintain its trade relationship with the UK several months ago.

Port of Rotterdam prepared for Brexit’s consequences

Following UK’s exit from the European Union on 31 January 2020, Port of Rotterdam expressed its concerns about its trade relationship with the UK. Depending on the terms agreed, the free trade will bring new formalities, tariffs, quality regulations and environmental standards.

EU to maintain its trade relationship with the UK

Despite the fact that Brexit came into affect several days ago, EU shipping aims to maintain its trade relationship with the UK. Namely, ECSA insists that it will be more beneficial for both EU and UK, to remain an integrated and seamless shipping centre.

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