Brazil faces outbreak of yellow fever

Brazil is facing a severe outbreak of yellow fever, having experienced a significant increase in the number of fatal cases and the geographic spread of the disease in the last few months. The yellow fever virus is transmitted by infected mosquitoes. The disease is endemic in tropical areas of Africa, Central America and South America, including some areas of Brazil, notably in the North and Centre‐West Regions.

Brazil: Production of original bill of lading mandatory

The Brazilian Custom have now made obligatory the production of the original Bill of Lading by the receiver / consignee, along with other customs documentation, before delivery of the goods can be made from ports and terminals.

Moistured soya beans cargo often reported in Brazil and Argentina

Following the various claims of soybeans with excessive moisture content being loaded in Brazil and discharged in China, the Skuld P&I Club issued a circular, in order to provide an update on loading and storage conditions at Brazilian ports, especially in Santos and Paranagua, and also ports in Argentina.

Crew fined for ship overstaying in Brazil

The Standard P&I club has been advised that there are still a number of cases in Brazil where ships and/or crew have been fined due to crew overstaying in the country. Fines are more frequent at the port of Rio de Janeiro where immigration controls are more stringent.

Outbreak of dengue fever in Brazil

The London P&I Club warns of an outbreak of dengue fever reported currently in Paranaguá, Brazil which causes a flu-like illness sometimes complicated by haemorrhages or shock and advises to take precautions.

Fresh Water Analysis Certificate – Compulsory Requirements in Brazil

InterManager has issued news alert to inform that all vessels calling any Brazilian ports must have on board the Fresh Water Analysis Certificate and also send records related to Cleaning and/or disinfection of Fresh Water Tanks, maintenance control and/or certificates of the last 12 months.

Brazil – Damaged Fenders in Port of Recife

The Skuld P&I Club has issued an advisory regarding damaged fenders in Port of Recife, Brazil. Skuld P&I has been alerted to a circular from the Pernambuco Pilotage Service in which it is stated that a number of berths at the Port of Recife may have damaged or missing fenders.

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