Brazil takes action to prevent spill from Stellar Banner

The Brazilian Navy informs that it collaborates with the Ports of Maranhão (CPMA), Vale S.A, Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama), Federal Police, Ardent Global, Environmental Management of Porto do Itaqui, State Secretariat for the Environment and Resources (SEMA) and Maritime Agents, to prevent pollution from the listing Stellar Banner.

Five vessels in the spotlight in relation to Brazil oil spill

Speaking to the news agency AFP, a spokeswoman for the Greek coastguard said the investigation conducted in Brazil, indicated showed that five vessels from different countries are suspects for the large oil spill, including a Greek one.

Greek-flagged tanker denies accusations on Brazil’s oil spill

Following the two months of environmental disaster in Brazil after an oil spill, investigators suggested that a greek-flagged tanker, carrying Venezuelan oil, is the main suspect of this polluting situation. Yet, the Greek Company, Delta Tankers Ltd. denies all accusations supporting that their vessel reached its destination without any problem. 

Brazil’s oil spill remains a mystery

Almost two months have passed since a thick black sludge was first seen in the Pernambuco coast; Still, the government of Brazil hasn’t found the main factor of the oil spillage. As a result, it keeps infecting the shores in northeastern Brazil and polluting more than 100 beaches, counting some of the country’s most popular.

Investigation set for oil spill contaminating Brazil’s beaches

An oily substance in the form of lumps of black tar has been found on an extensive area of Brazil’s North Eastern coast, as reported by Proinde, club correspondents. The Brazilian Navy’s Integrated Maritime Safety Centre is carrying out an investigation on the maritime traffic in the area comprising of about 36,000 square nautical miles in Brazil’s exclusive economic zone, targeting mostly oil tankers.

Vast oil spill affects beaches in Brazil

Brazil informed on September 27, that an oil spill has contaminated beaches and coastline across eight Brazilian states. However, Brazilian authorities are not about where the oil originated from, with Brazil’s oil agency ANP believing that it may have been spilled by a tanker.

Petrobras informs of oil leak from refinery

Petrobras informed that on 26th of August, it detected a leakage of about 5 cubic meters of oily waste in the industrial waste treatment plant of the Abreu e Lima Refinery (Rnest). This comes after 1.2 cubic meter of residual oil leaked from the FPSO ‘Cidade do Rio de Janeiro’, at the Espadarte field in Brazil, during the weekend.

Investigation finds cracks on Modec FPSO after oil spill

An investigation at the external tanks of FPSO ‘Cidade do Rio de Janeiro’, at the Espadarte field in Brazil, revealed cracks at the hull, the Tokyo-based operator MODEC informed.  Over the weekend, 1.2 cubic meter of residual oil leaked from the unit, which was recovered.

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