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A no-deal Brexit could lead food rotting at ports, UK retail says

The UK government and the European Union must not reach a no-deal Brexit, as this would congest food supplies, making the foods rotting at ports, and throwing retailers out of business, the British Retail Consortium warned. The warning came before British Prime Minister Theresa May hosts ministers to reach agreement on how to advance with the Brexit talks.

UK government’s post-Brexit fisheries vision still unclear, says BPA

On 4 July, the UK government published a Fisheries White Paper, as part of its efforts to promote a sustainable fishing industry for future generations. Responding, the British Ports Association stressed that the paper should have more focus on ports and infrastructure, noting that key concerns for the industry remain unanswered.

BPA calls for border continuity ahead of Brexit White Paper

As the UK Cabinet prepares for an away day at Chequers this week, BPA urged Ministers to agree a proposal that will ensure goods continue to flow uninterrupted between UK and EU ports post-Brexit. The UK’s post-Brexit customs relationship with the EU will dictate how almost half of UK trade is handled at the border.

BPA: Ports are part of the solution in Clean Air Strategy, not the problem

The UK Government released its Clean Air Strategy, requiring all major ports in England to develop air quality plans within the next year. The British Ports Association seemed disappointed and responded to the new strategy, by saying that “ports and shipping are part of the solution, not the problem.”

BPA calls UK government to safeguard border facilities after Brexit

The British Ports Association called the UK’s Prime Minister to provide funding guarantees for any new border facilities and digital infrastructure, which may be needed after the UK leaves the European Union. BPA is concerned that the ports with EU traffic will need to provide new facilities and digital infrastructure for government officials to carry out customs and other border checks.

BPA: GHG strategy decided at MEPC 72 must not distort competition

Commenting on the ongoing discussions on a GHG strategy at MEPC 72, Mark Simmonds, Policy Manager at British Ports Association, noted that any agreements reached this week should be implemented by the UK Government in a pragmatic and sensible manner, so that they will not disadvantage any particular region or distort competition.

Likely Brexit deal looks like ‘no deal’ for ports, says BPA

Following agreement UK and EU on a transition deal and, ahead of the EU Council meeting later this week, the British Ports Association issued a new report, calling for a pragmatic deal with the EU on both customs and regulatory recognition, that allows both businesses to get their goods across borders as quickly as possible.

UK Ports present significant growth

The British Ports Association published a new research by infrastructure advisory firm Moffatt & Nichol which shows that UK ports and terminals have an estimated £1.7bn of port infrastructure investment in the development pipeline. The research is part of the BPA’s “Port Futures” program and it captures schemes all over the UK and highlights how ports in all parts of the UK are investing in new facilities.

BPA: Ports operations must be smooth after Brexit

Regarding recent developments on the UK’s future border arrangements, British Ports Association issued a response saying that it supports the UK Government’s plan for unobstructed trade with the EU after Brexit.

Brexit can cause major disruption at UK, EU ports

Responding to the publication of the Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee report on ‘Brexit: Trade in Food’, the British Ports Association warned that the lack of agreements on cross-border environmental health standards, can cause a major disruption at UK and EU ports.


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