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BPA welcomes UK’s COVID-19 guidance

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, British Ports Association (BPA) welcomed UK decision to extend Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for additional four months, meaning until October 2020.

Ports to prioritize sustainability over Brexit

The British Ports Association has issued its annual New Year’s message picking out some expected highlights for UK port authorities and operators in 2020. Whilst the terms of the Brexit deal will no doubt continue to dominate, the BPA outlines the key priorities for 2020 to be: Sustainability, energy transition, regional growth, connectivity, innovation, safety, people & skills, regulatory review and port ‘impact’ to be major themes.

Report: How UK ports benefit communities

BPA issued a report compiling some examples of community and stakeholder initiatives across UK ports, in a bid to highlight the work ports are doing to benefit their communities. Ports are critical to the UK economy, handling 95% of UK trade and directly employing over 115,000 people.

Maritime industry feels confident for year ahead, BPA survey shows

Maritime industry professionals remain confident about the year ahead despite wider uncertainty, a new Business Confidence survey by the British Ports Association reveals. However, ports themselves are more likely to be worried about the economy over the next 12 months.

UK ports record steady performance during 2018

UK major ports’ data for 2018 shows stable port freight tonnages overall, with only a 0.1% difference on the previous year at 483.3 m tonnes. However, overall unit load traffic declined, partly due to a reduction of port traffic in passenger cars and new trade cars.

UK spending must have infrastructure funding as a priority, BPA says

The British Ports Association has written to the UK’s Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liz Truss MP, urging that the upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review to consider how to replicate the EU’s schemes that provide investment for the transport and infrastructure network. The BPA also called for new mechanisms to be created to help UK projects benefit from European Investment Bank loans.

BPA expresses concerns on IMO’s focus towards ports

The British Ports Association are closely watching the developments at the IMO, as the MEPC 74 is taking place. The Association commented that it applauds IMO’s actions to tackle climate change on a global scale and also the UK’s ambitions to move towards zero emission shipping as part of this.

BPA: Significant challenges surrounding ‘no-deal’ Brexit

On the occasion of the UK Parliament’s vote on Wednesday, BPA issued a new warning on the significant challenges for some ports around a ‘no deal’ Brexit and the impact upon trade. MPs voted against the prospect of the UK leaving the EU without a deal, rejecting May’s Brexit deal for a second time.


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