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There are concerns regarding open-loop scrubbers in ports, BPA says

The Chairman of the British Ports Association has urged for a return to stability and a relentless focus on creating a business environment that supports investment and skills. What is more, BPA believes that ports and shipping are very much part of the solution to UK decarbonisation challenges, but it raised concerns regarding the use of open-loop scrubbers in ports.

BPA expresses concerns on IMO’s focus towards ports

The British Ports Association are closely watching the developments at the IMO, as the MEPC 74 is taking place. The Association commented that it applauds IMO’s actions to tackle climate change on a global scale and also the UK’s ambitions to move towards zero emission shipping as part of this.

European players unite on tackling port emissions

The Baltic Ports Organisation conducted a seminar in order for discussions to begin concerning port emissions in European ports. Approximately 80 participants gathered in Gdynia, Poland, in the early days of March to discuss the issue of air pollution in ports. 

BPA: Ports are part of the solution in Clean Air Strategy, not the problem

The UK Government released its Clean Air Strategy, requiring all major ports in England to develop air quality plans within the next year. The British Ports Association seemed disappointed and responded to the new strategy, by saying that “ports and shipping are part of the solution, not the problem.”

BPA: GHG strategy decided at MEPC 72 must not distort competition

Commenting on the ongoing discussions on a GHG strategy at MEPC 72, Mark Simmonds, Policy Manager at British Ports Association, noted that any agreements reached this week should be implemented by the UK Government in a pragmatic and sensible manner, so that they will not disadvantage any particular region or distort competition.


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