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BPA warns red diesel tax changes will affect ports industry

The British Ports Association (BPA) has published its a report on the impact of planned changes to red ‘diesel’ tax rebates on the ports industry. The BPA estimates that the changes will add additional costs amounting to 3.10% of port turnover when they come into effect in 2022.

British ports issue environmental case studies

The British Ports Association (BPA) published a comprehensive package of case studies of environmental good practice from dozens of UK ports. The BPA will be adding new stories to the pack over time as well as regularly highlighting individual case studies.

British ports exploring autonomous shipping possibilities

The British Ports Association announced the launch of a new initiative looking at the implications of autonomous shipping for UK ports and exploring what the future developments of shipping will mean for the sector. The initiative includes a call for evidence from interested parties.

BPA, Astaara highlight cyber risk management issues

British Port Association along with the risk management firm Astaara launched a white paper focused on the cyber attacks of shipping companies and the strategies to promote cyber security in ports.

BPA welcomes UK’s COVID-19 guidance

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, British Ports Association (BPA) welcomed UK decision to extend Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for additional four months, meaning until October 2020.

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