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Shell not to send UK-flagged vessels through Strait of Hormuz

Royal Dutch Shell informed that is not taking any British-flagged tankers through the Strait of Hormuz, in the midst of increased tensions with Iran, in the vital chokepoint for oil shipments. Shell now joins BP, which is also avoiding sending vessels through the Strait of Hormuz.

BP to avoid sending its ships through Strait of Hormuz

BP is avoiding sending vessels through the Strait of Hormuz, due to the tensions between Iran and the UK. This decision comes after BP had to abandon a plan to load Iraqi crude and instead took shelter near Saudi Arabia, fearing retaliation.

BP oil tanker shelters in Persian Gulf fearing Iran retaliation

Following seizure of the oil tanker ‘Grace 1’ on 27 June in Gibraltar, within European territorial waters, an oil tanker run by oil major BP is being kept inside the Persian Gulf in fear it could be seized by Iran for retaliation. The ship was sailing toward Iraq’s Basrah oil terminal.

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